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DVD/Videos: Best La Bayadere Version?

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I am looking to purchase a version of La Bayadere. From Amazon.com, which DVD would you suggest?


*The Royal Ballet

--Altyani Asylmuratova, Darcey Bussell, Anthony Dowell, and Irek Mukhamedov


*The Paris Opera Ballet

--Isabelle Guerin, Laurent Hilaire, and Elisabeth Platel


*La Scala Ballet

--Svetlana Zakharova, Roberto Bolle, and Isabelle Bruson


*The Kirov Ballet

--Komleva, Terekhova, and Shirokov

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What a great selection of dvds! All excellent dancers and companies. There really is no one better than the other. They are just different from one another. You will find that time periods of filming may color your opinions of dancers however as far as production values go, great choices! Be happy to own any of them. :)


I am not familiar with the RB dvd, but I do know their production, staged by N. Makarova. I will take a look online. I was unaware that A. Asylmuratova had performed with the Royal Ballet.




Having taken a look, interesting indeed. Confirming my original post any of them would be a delight! :)

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Although they would all be good because they all have good dancers, I would definitely recommend Royal Ballet because...

a) Their costumes and sets are amazing for all ballets, but are especially extravagent for La bayadere, which is great for this ballet which has loads of emphasis on atmosphere.

b)It's got darcey bussell, who is amazing, (now retired so you cant watch her perform live anymore :)( very sad) and she's really good in this because although beautifully classical, she's also really strong, which is just how a dancer needs to be for this role, though so few are... her leaps and pirouettes are so amazing, really strong, and clean and precise!

c) Anthony Dowell is wonderful!

Hope this helps and I hope you enjoy la bayadere!! I loved it when I saw it (with darcey and Royal ballet! I've also seen bolshoi, though too, but it wasnt as good as Royal, Paris were quite good actually but i saw sylvie guilleum do it, never seen La scala!)

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From Ballet Talk, our sister site:

Which Bayadere

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Just a quick correction -- The Kirov Bayadere's cast is as follows: Komleva as Nikiya, Terekhova as Gamzatti, and Abdyev as Solor. :wallbash:


Personally, the Kirov's Bayadere is my favorite. The dancing is very good, and the style is flawless. However, it's even more interesting to watch when you have seen several different versions to compare. People have different tastes...so it's impossible to say which is better. All are different, and all deserve praise and respect.

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The Paris opera ballet corp is exceptional!

OK, I am not the best resource - just an enthusiast(!) I got the POB (Nureyev choreography - near the last thing he did, as I understand it) from the library a couple months ago. It was absolutely astounding! I just can't imagine anyone not including it in their wish list no matter how many other versions there are out there.


Yes, I'll hunt up the Royal Ballet and Kirov versions too :D - I'm just starting my collection, and glad to take anyone's advice. I just a had to post here about how totally stunned I was watching this! :wub:


(I've been a fan for decades, recently a late starting student - went to the Richmond adult dance camp last year, and several rep pieces were to Bayadere music. We subscribe to PNB, see tons of great Balanchine but I've never seen Bayadere, Don Q, Giselle, etc. live. Videos are a recent discovery :blushing: )

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For any of the Netflix members, La Bayadere announcement of the DVD release as follows:


Filmed on the legendary stage of its 1877 premiere, this landmark Kirov Ballet performance of the Russian classic, conducted by the masterful baton of Victor Shirokov, stars Gabriella Komleva, Rejen Abdyev and Tatiana Terekhova. Based on the verses of an ancient Indian poem, this powerful epic follows the tragic, star-crossed romance between an indentured temple dancer and a noble prince.

Releases on DVD Jan 29, 2008


So, for those (like me) who weren't able to get tickets to the Kennedy Center performance this week...it will have to do!!

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