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Has anyone taken class at Ballet Basics and DansArts / Sunday classes?


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I hope that everyone had a good holiday.


I am an adult beginning ballet student and this school seemed like an interesting place to

focus on the basics. Has anyone taken class there? The website is here.


I am also looking for a good beginner level class in Manhattan on Sundays, any suggestions are welcome.



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Sorry, I don't know anyone who has tried classes here. Sounds interesting though.


In terms of Sunday classes, I would check the schedules at Ballet Academy East, Broadway Dance, Steps and Perridance. Maybe someone else can comment on specific classes.


Good luck!

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The director/teacher's name is Rita Colby. I've not heard of her but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Perhaps someone else has?

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There are tons of independent teachers in New York. All you need is a loyal following, and it's easy to rent a studio and hold a class.


Of course, you want to know who this Rita Colby is. Unfortunately, I can find very little. She seems to have appeared out of nowhere and is advertising her classes in a number of settings --- GeoCities, CraigsList, various summer workshop lists, various dance associations. She is probably over sixty years old and looks like she studied ballet seriously at one point, but did not have a performance career. She has a college degree in education. It is hard to know how long she has taught this course for, or when she first got the idea. Everything seems to be timeless.


So in the end, it's hard to evaluate this teacher. It's always hard anyway, even if you have more information. The problem is that in many ways, beginners are not in a position to evaluate. But if you take class from a studio with a reputation, you can rely on the studio's reputation to find a good teacher. Maybe if the teacher allowed an advanced or professional dancer observe a class, maybe something could be said. I can often tell with a beginner teacher by evaluating the level of the students. Don't even bother asking other teachers, far too many think they're right and everyone else is wrong.


Conclusion: I would say this one's a crapshoot. She could be really great, she could be a disaster that you don't realize until you try to move to an Intermediat class. It's really hard to tell.

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Yes! Excellent advice, citibob.


I'd add that it's also important to follow your gut instinct. When trying out a new class:


Your body should feel like it's being warmed up and the muscles should feel that they're slowly getting more stretchy, if that makes sense. You should receive corrections and feel that the atmosphere is a trusting one. You should leave class feeling exhilarated and positive, like you've accomplished something, and a 'good' tired.


Best to stick with an established studio until you gain the experience necessary to evaluate other's classes.

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