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Oral Roberts University Dance Performance major?


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I'll be entering the DP program next fall, and was just wondering if anyone else was going, or knew someone who was. The program is brand new, 07-08 was it's very first year.

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Since the program is new, we'd love for you to report what you found at auditions, who the staff will be and what you find once you get there next year. Is this billed as a ballet program, or general dance?

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I'll post more information later when I have more time to elaborate, but the program is equally split between Modern and Ballet. We have equal performance and choreography opportunities in both, and our classes are (or I guess I should say will be) split evenly. If we'd like to have more hours in one over the other, there are optional extra classes available. The school is starting an on-campus dance company that will perform both classical and contemporary ballet works, and modern dance works.


The degree is currently considered a BA, because that is what the board voted on last year. The degree plan they followed this year is NOT the degree plan that will stay in place. The director that they've hired, Amy Roark-McIntosh, formerly of Belhaven College, came on board after the degree plan was voted on. So she is completely revamping the entire degree plan, effective next Fall. It will be the same course work that is required of a BFA, they're working on changing the official title.


Romans Jasinski, former AD of the Tulsa Ballet, is the main ballet professor.


More later!

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