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Auditions: Photos, Men's differences


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This question was raised on the 2008 Company Audition thread but rather than derail that one I thought I would ask here. As stated earlier, Joffrey Ballet is requesting that in photos and in videos the dancer should not wear black or dark colors. Does this mean that men should not wear black tights? And in that case what color would you suggest? White would seem too bright and inappropriate. Gray seems as if it could be too revealing.



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I would think that grey would be nice. Check out the Men's Forum for suggestions on brands/styles that aren't too revealing. :sweating:


Another thought-

You could always call or e-mail to see if they have a color in mind that they would prefer for the men. Although, I still think grey is nice. POB students wear it, and if it's good enough for them, I should think it would work. :wink:

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I had a brief experience in a professional company (1 1/2 years as an apprentice)


Better get used to being exposed.:wink: Seriously...if you can't feel confident in grey...you can't perform in it.

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Capezio gray tights are very opaque, hiding hairy legs, freckles, etc. A pair of gray technique (fuzi or sansha make them) flats gives a nice long line. If they want light colored tights I would recommend shoes that match to give a clean line.

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He ordered a pair of gray Mirella tights and they are also very opaque. I have not gotten any feed back on the fit yet. Good idea about the shoes - thank-you.

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