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Well, I've just returned from MY BalletMet auditionin NYC....interesting. It was SO PACKED....about 70 girls and 12 boys, in a small (for the amount of people) studio at Alvin Ailey. Barre was ridiculously crowded, so after barre there was a cut made. There was also a cut after small jumps, and one made at the end of the class before the pas/rep part. The number of dancers kept was about the same as Ed described. Mr Charles said that they were looking for a "specific body type"...whatever that means. :party: I enjoyed his class a lot. I thought it was interesting that they videotaped the pas section, I guess to review it over afterwards.



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My daughter was going to do that audition today but opted out of it about 2 am :party: this morning. The way BalletMet did their cuts seemed about the same as all the other auditions she's done. She much prefers that they cut dancers throughout rather than making them spend the whole audition not kicking or getting kicked by someone.


Were you able to tell, from the dancers chosen to stay at the end, what type of dancer they were? Or what type of body if, indeed, that's what they're looking for?


It's moot for my kiddo but I think it would be nice for others to hear.

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Guest sarabesque

I just did my BalletMet audition at the BalletMet Studios- it was supposed to be just a company invite, but there turned out to be about 21 of us there "just to take company class". I think we were all surprised on how many people were there. They gave us our own class, not witlh the company, but the five or six trainees took with us as well. Rebecca Rodriguez taught the class and we had no numbers until after bar, when Mr. Charles came in to watch along with his wife.

No cuts, full class and then we had a little break and met in the studio to do choreography. The girls learned a short variation/part of Cinderella(the company is oding that production very soon) and then the men learned something from cinderella as well. I think there were only three men. Then we took off our pointe shoes and went either barefeet or ballet slippers for a piece of contemporary, err maybe modern choreography from The Rite of Spring. I think it threw a lot of people a curve ball- basically wild crazy stamping and jumping. Mr Charles led the choreograph y part- and he wanted to see our artistry, energy and really let go.

After that we turned in our resumes and the audition form and were free to go.

We didn't really get much of a chance to ask questions- he just told us the basic length of contract etc and said we hsould be contacted within the week or so.

The dancers at BalletMet were to turn in their letters of intent regarding next year to MR. Charles, that day ( Thursday).

And I think that NYC one wraps up BalletMet's tour- so I guess we just wait and see now.

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Are they trainee, apprentice, or company contracts? Someone here said they're trying to build up their trainee program. Are these contracts for paid positions and if so, can you tell us how it's structured?

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Guest sarabesque

It was hard to differentiate between trainees and company auditionees.

I know that my invitation ( which came after I sent a video) suggested that I would be considered for either trainee ( $400 monthly stipend, shoes, etc) or post -grad(a pre-pro school position). Since it appeared there were only 5 trainees I suppose they could be expanding. It might just depend on whose staying, getting promoted etc.

I know there were some older dancers that were probably not looking for trainee positions- I heard one saying she'd been with Dayton Ballet for 7 years! Then again there was the girl next to me who was just 17 and doing her first audition tour as well.

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Thanks sarabesque for keeping us updated and being willing to share what you're seeing and being asked to do. You just don't know how helpful this all is.


And we are still keeping our fingers crossed for you (which makes typing very hard by the way! :) )



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In a word, I think they were looking for : SHORT! Short dancers I mean. The dancers they kept were all different builds but the girls as well as the boys were on the shorter side.



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Specific dates weren't mentioned to me.


Petite_Arabesque, its funny that they taped your Pas. For us (In Columbus) the Contemp section was taped...


We did the Rite of Spring section too...


I wasnt surveying the other dancers so much, but tallish people dont be too discouraged by what was said about the interest in short dancers. I was the tallest boy at the Columbus audition, 6'4. And the two girls I partnered, the tallest they kept, were both 5'7. Seniors from Butler.


There were a few professionals, but not as many as I expected. One of the boys was from Ohio Ballet another from Arizona Ballet.

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I watched the center portion of the audition with my mum and wow you guys were working hard!


Clara 76

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Well, the contract has been signed and sent. DS decided that an apprentice contract at a company that he felt really good about or a smaller company with a full contract was a better choice for him. So off he goes. It was very tough and expensive to get him to all the auditions and keep it all organized but it paid off. His adventure is just beginning.


Mom and Dad are happy and excited for him and keep reminding him to enjoy it and have a little fun along the way. There is also a great feeling relief! :blink: The fall back position was to go back to school and finish his degree but his brain will still be there (I hope) when he finishes dancing.

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BRAVO to you and your DS.......what a wonderful feeling for you all!! I wish him much success with this new adventure :blink: I also know you will be enjoying some much needed "stress-free" time...YIPPEEEEE

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cmtaka, What great news! I'm confused a bit though. :blink: Did he take the apprentice contract or the corp position? Wasn't sure after I read your post. Either is great and I hope it is the beginning of a great career for him! :blink:

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