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Archived: 2005-2017 Company Audition Journeys


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cmtaka - a mighty congratulations to your son and to you and your whole family as well! :clapping::huepfen:


It's always so heartening to hear good news and I hope that you and the others who post on here will keep us posted down the line, too. B)

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That is rather strangely worded! He took the apprentice contract rather than a company contract because he really liked the AD and felt really good about how much he could grow there. We are so excited for him and encouraged that he was smart enough to pick the slightly lower paying contract where he felt a connection and growth potential. We are also very thankful that he had the opportunity to choose between 2 positions and he knows how lucky he is and is grateful for the chance to do something he loves.

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Congrats to you and yours, cmtaka. A whole new journey is about to begin for all of you. Enjoy this next ride! :clapping:

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Congratulations cmtaka! To both you and your DS! Vagansmom is correct, a new journey for both and please enjoy the ride.



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what did you think about the Joffrey audition? I assume you went?


for others, It was packed with 88 people. It was my first time at their place. No one was joking when they said to watch out for the 3 poles in the studio. They weren't poles they were 2x2 foot columns; people got lost behind them. They made something like 5 or 6 cuts; first one after plies and tendus. It was mentioned that they are making their decisions during this week.

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Thanks for clarifying cmtaka! Sounds like he made a super decision and yes, how truly wonderful to have choices! :shrug: We'll be looking to hear more reports during his year as an apprentice. Thanks for sharing your good news with us! :(

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Guest ScottieGDE13

Sooo… I’m here!


I say “here” instead of “back,” simply because things are crazy, and I don't know that I can be as active a member as I used to be, but I do want to head over here more often. I just finished with my freshman year of college and I am busier than ever. But I am absolutely loving college, loving dancing, and loving life.


I am currently attending Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas (Go Horned Frogs!), where I plan on graduating in 2008 with a BA in English and a BFA in ballet, and possibly… well, we’ll get to that later. :o


I thought that I would be done with dancing seriously once I was done with high school, and that I would have the "typical" college experience. Boy, was I wrong. I chose to go to TCU for many reasons, one being the dance program, which seemed to be a good fit for me. I now take two technique classes five days a week (modern and ballet), plus supplemental dance courses throughout the week (ie, character, pointe, etc.) After completing my BFA I will have taken courses dealing with many aspects of the dance world including teaching, choreography, dance production, aesthetics, dance history, cultural dance, etc. I am so excited to be at TCU because I feel like their dance program is very realistic. All my professors are very focused on practical application of our degree, whether we choose to perform, teach, choreograph,or go a completely different direction. They're all about showing us all of our options and opportunities for careers that can involve dance.


I never intended to dance professionally on any level, but now I feel that following graduation (depending on the strides I make during my college years, and where I feel led by my own desires and strengths) I would like to at least audition for some sort of professional performing opportunity (anything from modern to musical theater!), and I think my time at TCU will prepare me for that. I'm also considering eventually going to graduate school for my MFA to continue my education and open more opportunities for a career in dance. Right now, I'm very interested in choreography, and would love to develop as a choreographer and see where that takes me. Or perhaps I'll choose to utilize my BA in English (I would love to write for magazines and other publications) and dance "on the side." Whatever I do, I've figured out that dance is going to be in there somewhere. Dancing has had too much of an impact on my life and I've become even more passionate about it over the past year that I just cannot see it going leaving my life... ever!


Dancing in college is... tiring. But extremely rewarding. I was cast in a modern piece in the fall for the senior choreography show. The piece ended up being taken to an informal show within our region's American College Dance Festival. That was a lot of fun! This spring I was cast in a ballet choreographed by our ballet master, as well as a ballet and a modern piece by two senior choreographers. I've also choreographed for two informal student shows this year. I'm really excited about continuing to work on my choreography as well as my performance skills within the program.


This past year I was voted to be the student representative for the freshman class of the dance department, which basically meant I met with the other reps and a faculty member to discuss the needs of the students within the department. It ended up being one of my favorite things to do, and we got some really neat changes accomplished this year. Hopefully I'll be re-elected next semester!


Basically, I spend a lot of time at the dance building (at least three hours a day, but most weekdays between 4 and 6 hours with classes and rehearsals and some on the weekends, but not as much) but that is not all I do. I also give weekly tours to prospective students, I'm a member of the Baptist Student Ministry, I write the hall council newsletter for my residence hall, and I'm also a member of the Honors program (I hope to graduate with departmental honors in ballet).


And if all that doesn't sound like enough, I have been considering staying an extra year and completing a second BFA in modern dance. But that is another topic for another board.


Like I said, hopefully I'll at least lurk around here more often. This message board is an invaluable resource, and it's fun! Also, I apologize if this is in the wrong spot... the look of the board is very new to me (I LOVE IT, by the way. Kudos to all!) and it may take me awhile to get used to all the "new" gadgets!


Sorry so long, but it's been a long time, and I tend to be long-winded, but some of you know that!


PS- if anyone has any questions about any aspects of TCU... let me know! I'd be happy to give objective answers as well as my own opinions!

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Thanks for telling us about your great freshman year at TCU and giving us a glimpse into the ballet program there. It is wonderful to hear that you are thriving and have found a great fit for you. Please keep us posted as you progress toward graduation. It is wonderful to hear the happy, optimistic tone in your post. It is what we all want for our dancers as they reach maturity and start planning for their futures! :o

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Thanks so much for posting about your Freshman year. I hope you'll come back during breaks to keep us on track with Dance as a College student. It is good to see that you are having a great experience and doing well.



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Last week my DD attended her first audition at the State in NYC for Houston Ballet. Approximately 84 dancers were in attendance, I believe two openings were discussed. She as well as 60 plus auditioners were dismissedafter approximately 30 minutes of class. They all were told that Houston was looking for very specific girls to replace others who are no longer with the company. She enjoyed the audition and thought it was very professionally handled. Anyone else out there have an experience to share?

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Support system, I look forward to hearing about your lovely daughter's auditioning life this year. It would be wonderful for our readers if you'd continue to share her audition experiences, as in number of dancers, if she could tell who were cut, who were not (type of bodies, height, certain style of dance, feet, etc.) It's so beneficial to everyone.


But I'm happy to say that, much as I loved our cozy conversations in the car last year driving for hours to auditions (geesh, I used to drive down alone to DC from CT to take her out to some of them, it being the cheapest way!) it's mighty nice to not have to think about that anymore.


But give me one more year and I'll feel nostalgic for those days. :yes:

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Hi! So far I've gone to two auditions, Houston and Colorado, both held at SFBS.

There were only about 26 girls or so who showed up for the Houston, so we were all kept throughout the class. It was a fantastic class, very laid back, relaxed... nothing too hard. Stanton Welch was there, as well as one of the company's ballet mistresses who gave class. They kept around 6 for the repertory segment of the audition after the men's class. (I believe all 6 were students at SFBS). They also took alot of notes on everybody auditioning, and keep the notes, headshots, and resumes on file.

A lot more people showed up for the Colorado audition, probably because it wasn't so soon after the holidays and breaks. Probably about 60 girls, 14 boys. The current interim artistic director taught class, and there was a man too-- I forget his title but he was also somewhere on the artistic staff. There was pretty much a full technique class on flat before the girls put on pointe shoes, which was so nice... I'm sorry, but adagio and penchees and stuff in pointe shoes (as at Houston) is just mean at an audition. :cool2:.

The class itself was also really nice... technically more challenging, they threw in double en dehor attitudes (for most of us, those didn't work out so nicely :ninja: ), enterchat-six, consecutive multiple pirouettes...but the combinations all made sense and flowed reasonably well, so it was manageable. At registration, they asked whether you were auditioning for Trainee, Company, or Summer Program, and judged you accordingly.

After class was over, they talked to various numbers they called out, I have no idea what they told the gentlemen, but they called seven girls, told us they liked us very much, and would be interested in hiring us as Trainees, and handed us little information sheets on the rest of the process-- now we have to make a 5-7 minute video with classwork and a classical variation and send it to them. Almost like a callback by way of video. Ostensibly, this is to show that we are truly interested and to give them a reminder of our dancing when they are narrowing down the list. San Fransisco was the first stop on their audition tour of six cities, so if they talk to 42 girls over all there is still a pretty good chance-- they have spots for 15 girls to be trainees.

I definitely plan to send in a video, I liked the people, the style of class, the repertoire... plus Trainees at Colorado Ballet even receive a small stipend, which is pretty unusual these days, apparently.

So far, that's everything! I have at least ten more auditions coming up, so I'll try to give you all the rundown on those as they come.


Good Luck to everyone else!

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Thanks so much support system and 5odette5!! As Vagansmom has said, this is so helpful to those of us parents and dancers who are soon to be where you are. PLease do keep posting..


50dette - Congrats on your Colorado audition. It must feel so good to have something in your pocket already. Also, so helpful to hear the specifics of what they did at the audition. I was wondering if you had any insight into what they seemed to be looking for in the trainees from what you saw of the seven who were chosen? Were any of the girls tall? I looked at their website picture of this years group and they look on the smaller side, but its hard to tell fom a picture. Any sense of what they had in common? Thanks so much!!

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