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Thank you, TenduMom! You know, it didn't look as though they were being terribly picky, heightwise-- one of the girls must have been no more than 5'2", I'm 5'4" and a friend of mine who was also talked to is 5'7". The styles of the girls talked to also varied alot, from very classical, to more flashy than is my taste, at least. :blink: Body types? Just your average dancer bodies. Nothing super skinny or anything.

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Pattypirouette- I don't believe she (DD) knew who conducted the audition, but she did say the girls who stayed were around 5'6" and of average dancer build, i.e., not the bone-rack variety. I realy believe there is some positive movement away from the cult of the dangerously thin in professional ballet, which is very encouraging to me.

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support system, I like your description of bone-back. I second your comment and am glad to hear it. Congrats to you 5odette5! Good luck with all of your auditions. My dd is in the same boat! Auditioned for Ballet Pacifica last year and has a call back audition next month. Other than that she hasn't done any company auditions, but has several on her list.

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Thanks for the info SupportSystem. I must admit I wanted to know because my dd is an apprentice there currently! She is on pins and needles wondering if she will be hired into the company. She has had an amazing year so far but it is all about space - whether or not some of the women are leaving and whether or not he will want additional women! He told the company before Christmas that he was increasing the size by two dancers next year - no word on whether or not that would be 2 men or women or combo.

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Mlle. Shesno did the NYC audition---they kindly stated up front that they were looking for one dancer with specific abilities (they did not specify what)---81 dancers cut to about 12 after the barre and a diagonal pique-arabesque across the floor---(third-hand info), they cut the non-jumpers after that---Mlle. Shesno's take was that they were looking those whose strength was adagio---all overe the map for height & weight---Stanton Welch was there---I don't remember who taught the class but I remember I was surprised---I'll try to get back on that.


Onward and upward---our dancers learn something new with each audition--about themselves as dancers and as people.


(Patty Pirouette---merde to your dancer---I hope for the best for you and yours)

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merci Shesno - I appreciate the info. Wishing you all the best with your dd as well as she negotiates through the audition process!

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5odette5 -- Can you give me any impression about how Houston (Mr. Welch) treated the Dinkle students who were obviously not ready for professional-level work? Have an acquaintance who did the Houston audition yesterday in Houston. Were there any in your audition with them?

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:shrug: What's the relevance of this question?


Can you give me any impression about how Houston (Mr. Welch) treated the Dinkle students who were obviously not ready for professional-level work?


Do you know a Dinkle student who wants to audition? Is he or she looking for a specific style of rejection?


I'm sorry if this is out of line or I am misinterpreting something, but this just sounds B) ty to me. (Always wanted to find a use for that emoticon!)

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Maybe to see how he treats people in general, that sort of thing? Occasionally, even here in Europe (where, in my humble opinion, the average standard is higher than in the US....this just coming from one person who has done a few auditions on both continents) you see some people that just simply haven't been properly prepared technically and physically....they should still be shown some human decency and respect, though I agree that they should be informed (by being cut, most likely) that this is not the profession for them.

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Sorry to be less than clear, Treefrog. I didn't want to give too much information because I didn't want to potentially embarrass anybody. Yes, I knew someone who auditioned who, as Swanilda refered to, wasn't well trained. The teacher at her school encourages his upper level dancers to go for these kinds of things and they have been humiliated, to say the least. I was hoping 5odette5 might give me an impression as to how the ones who were asked to leave were treated, as I'm suspecting she'd have been in that category. She was one of my daughter's first ballet teachers at the school we left a few years ago. A very nice girl mislead by the school director. I feel for her. That's all. Nothing else.

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My dd has only attended one company audition so far. I thought the A.D. handled it very well. He said, "Now, this is the hard part, numbers, 5, 15, 22, etc. thank for your interest and time, you may be excused. The remaining dancers are asked to stay. " I don't think it is necessary to humiliate anyone in this process, no matter who you are.

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I did my first company audition last weekend!! It was for Ballet San Jose and the audition was in Chicago at the Hubbard Street Studios. The audition had only 33 people and four or five of them were guys. There were no cuts. We had a short bar with lots of adage combinations. The center skipped around alot. We didn't do an adage in the center and we didn't do any petite allegro either. We did lots of turns including a menage and fouettes at the end. The director seemed interested in the taller girls. He asked for our resumes/pitures at the end. He also said they were for sure hiring trainees and corps dancers but wouldn't know for another few months exactly how many dancers he would need/want. The audition was overall a really good experience and I am ready for another!!

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