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Dancestar, my DD has sent out DVDs and has received invitations to come and take company classes.

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That's a good tip Ceecee thanks! Suzie1 did you just send them or did you send out the DVD's sometime ago? Just curious - Coco I know someone who attended the PNB audition - I heard it was about 110 girls.

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That sounds like quite a large number; however, given that the audition was open for apprentice, corps and soloist positions that might not be surprising.

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Dancestar, my DD sent most of them out last month, but has sent some more since then also. I think its definitely worth it.

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Just wanted to offer a fresh breeze and a deep breath to those in the mix of auditioning this year. I remember how stressful it was for DD (and for me). Trips to the postal service everyday to send something out and a hopeful heart at the mailbox everyday hoping there was some sort of envelope, email, or phone call. It is still a bit early for some results, but certainly not too late to see which companies will accept a video still. It is all very stressful and I don't wish to go back to that time period, ever. Just hang in there and keep the faith. Also keep making other ways for auditions to happen if you've not heard anything yet. And as ceecee stated, keep your eyes and ears out for those things late by using connections you, your dancer's teacher, etc. have.

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Mom of 3 darlings pretty much put it in a nut shell. It is a very stressfull time for both the dancer and parents. Lots of prayers does help to stay calm for your dancer. I agree with others that it is still very early for decisions. Pretty much all the companies that my dd auditioned for or sent videos sent back some kind of response and we appreciated that alot. Some of the companies responded back as late as May and one of those was a contract offer. I still think there is time if you get video psckets sent out before April to be considered for some of the regional companies that are still looking for dancers. Go for it, because what do you have to lose but the price of postage. You never know what a company might still need. Getting something with a smaller company could be a good start and you can always audition again next year for something else. Experience goes a long way in the dance world. Best of luck for those waiting for good news.

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Thank you Momof3darlings and kdintx for your words of wisdom. This has been the most stressful journey - not knowing what to do, who to audition for, where to send videos, etc. - This forum has been very useful. The stress of not knowing if you will have a place at your present company coupled with not knowing if you may have a position anywhere next year has been very difficult for my DD to deal with - I don't think I have ever seen her so stressed. I'm glad this forum provided encouragement to send out videos - I honestly thought companies would never even look at them nor respond, so I'm feeling encouraged... :)

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Maybe this is not the right place for this but as my DD is also making the company audition rounds I feel the stress right along with all of you.

After sending out many emails with video links, resumes, and photos DD received invitations to company class auditions from about 10 companies. Many companies did not respond at all, a couple (contemporary ballet) said no you are not for us, and a couple said they are only looking at people at their open call dates. We had to decide what DD could attend (she is in a university dance program that is known more for its commercial dance aspect and some of her professors are not being very understanding about missing classes for auditions for ballet companies). She was able to travel short distance to a cattle call (cut on the fourth round), drove to a couple of nearby regional companies for class auditions, and flew to three other cities for company classes. So far, one bonified offer of a paid apprenticeship at a regional company (with some extras tacked on that are making the contract look very tempting), but this offer has a deadline that is looming near and is a whole two weeks before any of the other companies (two of which have expressed keen interest after the auditions - one AD told her that height would be an issue though and he may end up hiring a taller dancer if a comparable one comes along in the next couple of weeks).


So this deadline issue is really driving us nuts. On one hand I feel like she should not look a gift horse in the mouth and take the paid position (the area is very expensive to live in though). On the other hand I would hate if she took the position with the looming deadline and found out any of the other companies also wanted her and she never really had a chance to weigh her options. Obviously she is feeling the same way. Any advice?

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It is a stressful time, but congratulations on the offer! I would suggest contacting the companies that are still showing interest and let them know about her other offer and deadline. You could also ask for a week or two extension on the current offer. I have seen both of those work in the past! Best of luck in the process!

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Thanks Alligator! She did let them know but they are firm at this point on when they can let her know. A teacher has an email into the AD of one company (this is the company she is too short for but the teacher is friends with the AD) and she has emailed the other companies letting them know this. One of the companies she is more interested in than the other (it is for a Corps position rather than apprentice and they seem to already have her "type" in the company) and she has asked them if she is under serious consideration and if so, then she will ask for an extension from the company she has an offer for. The company she has an offer from has been wonderful and the AD has really been communicative with her over the past few weeks when DD has had questions. DD feels uncomfortable asking for an extension on the offer deadline unless she feels there is a serious chance she will get a corps position in that company. Apparently the company with the Corps position won't know for sure how many positions they have until April 1st.

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Busy dreaming

Did anyone attend the PBT open Company audition last Saturday? I was wondering how many auditioned and whether they indicated interest in any particular dancers who auditioned afterwards.

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Yes my DD did. There were a total of about 70 dancers and a lot were male according to my daughter. There were about 10 called up at the end of the audition not including the 12-15 grad program students in the audition. Those students were told the AD would talk to them at a later date since they were students there.

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How about the other auditions this weekend? I know Ballet West and Ballet Austin audition were in NYC, Los Angeles Ballet in LA, and KC Ballet in San Fran? Any news on those? Big audition weekend! Merde to everyone!!

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