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My DD got a response today from a video submission saying "they really liked what they saw" but there were no contracts available for 2nd company positions. They then encouraged her to arrange to come out for an audition in a company class and looked forward to meeting her soon. It was a little confusing - if there are no positions available, why would they want her to audition? She is unsure how to respond to this... I do feel the video submissions are the way to go with the process instead of the cattle call auditions - or maybe this is just in my DD's case. I feel with sending out videos/photos, they are looking at just one person instead of trying to be seen in a sea of many hopefuls. So far out of 7 sent, our DD has been invited to audition at one company, rejected by one, one said to check back in mid April after the company returns their contracts, one is the one mentioned above, and still waiting to hear from three. She is also still hoping to be promoted into the 2nd company where she currently is a trainee. Very stressful time for our DD and this board has been really helpful to us navigating through this crazy process of auditioning!

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