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Sad news - especially for DD, who did particularly well at that audition! :) Oh well - I hope they can get the ball rolling for next year...

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Nuts about ballet,


I wasn't very clear. The audition for Grand Rapids Ballet was watched by the producers of the Fox TV show "So You Think You Can Dance". DS was invited to skip the first audition for the TV show and just come to the one where they go from 150 dancers down to the ones that go to Hollywood to be selected for the show. He had seen the show last year the dancers performed mostly hip hop, lyrical and ballroom. That's why he thought it was funny that they were recruiting at a ballet audition.

Thanks for carifying! Thought for a moment you were making an anlogy between the show and the audtion! What can I say but sometimes I AM SLOW!

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So sorry to hear that Ballet Pacifica and Ethan Stiefel have parted ways. It must be difficult for the dancers who auditioned to find out that plans have been canceled.

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I went to the Augusta Ballet audition this weekend. Three women, including me, were auditioning. We essentially took company class as 12 other dancers (some company some ABII it looked like) were there. Rider Vierling (company dancer) taught class. It was a typical ballet class with barre and center. It was very relaxed, and Mr. Vierling joked around to help us loosen up. Then we had 1 jazz combination which I never really got that well. :D Then it was over, no interview as was mentioned on their website. We should hear from them within a week regarding the job. Whole thing lasted about 1 hour and 45 minutes. They didn't single any of us out to talk with us. A company dancer told me there is atleast 1 position available for next season.


I attended company class to audition for Ballet Memphis and Festival Ballet of Atlanta; please pm me if you would like to know more. I should hear from BM this month (for a trainee position) and FBA told me they would consider me for apprentice after I attended their SI. :D


I am deliriously happy to be considered for trainee or apprentice because my dance teachers during high school told me I would never dance professionally because I didn't have the right body type, so take heart-if you are being told that you won't make it as a dancer, stay with it as long as you enjoy it, you never know what might happen!!! :D:rolleyes::innocent::flowers:

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At Augusta Ballet, did anyone from the artistic staff watch the class, like the Artistic Director? Or did it seem just like a normal, daily company class...

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Ed McPherson

I was at the Eugene/Idaho ballet auditon in Salt Lake City this weekend. For those that did earlier auditions Peter said he would know in 14 days at most who contracts for next year were going to. He said it could be as early as this coming weekend.

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At Augusta Ballet, Zanne Colton (AD), Peter Powlus (Associate AD), and another lady they did not introduce watched class. Can't tell who other lady was from the website b/c her picture is not shown.

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Yippee!! :D:cool2: I got offered a contract with Festival Ballet Company of Atlanta! It is only pay per performance but still...I can die happy now! I was so surprised because they really didn't seem impressed (and mentioned I would need to attend their SI for further consideration) with me when they talked to me after class, but then I got the letter that I will treasure forever! This is my first contract offer! I guess I would be considered corps, (I don't think they rank their dancers as corps/soloist/prinicipal) this is a tiny company, only 4 or 5 paid dancers with a school to fill in the rest of the cast for productions. I won't make a decision about what I'm doing until I hear from Memphis & Augusta.

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Congratulations Tiffany! May you new journey bring you much joy! :cool2:

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Congrats Tiffany! :ermm:

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There are still auditions going on in the US as well. We know of at least one dancer who was told to return for a second audition in May. I'm assuming that means that contracts are still to be had. Further, at my daughter's residency and I know of at least one other, company ADs from many companies come to the Spring Concert, held in May, at which time many additional contracts are offered. So, there are still definitely contracts available!

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We know of a couple of dancers in our area who are just now getting phone calls from videos and are still in the midst of attending auditions. Houston Ballet II was this past weekend, as was Alabama Ballet. It's not over yet!



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