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Oo now I'm curious, since I had just assumed that company auditions were pretty much finished already - does anyone know which other U.S. companies are holding auditions in May? Links aren't necessary, since google is awesome, but it's a pain to slog through all the audition dates for all the ballet companies in the country.... :)

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I just found this post. Congrats on your contract! I suspect you won't be hearing from Augusta as the board just staged a coup d'etat and fired everyone from the Artistic Directors to every one of the dancers.

Just thought you'd like to know.

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Wow, thanks for the information. Wonder if I'll get a letter at all saying "sorry we don't need you there isn't a company anymore". That makes me so sad, we seem to be losing a lot of companies lately. Why is it so hard to keep ballet companies alive in the USA?


Other companies...I think Nashville Ballet picks trainees from their SI, so that might be an option. I am still waiting to hear from Ballet Memphis. Their last audition was this past Sat. Well i hope they don't close like all the rest. Are more companies closing or am I just more aware this year?

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Tiffany, this is a particularly bad year for ballet companies.


Congratulations on the Festival Ballet of Atlanta apprenticeship. My daughter has a good friend who was there a few years. Good luck on hearing from the other companies!

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Wow after reading these 6 pages of posts it sounds like a very tough year for jobs. Is there anyone on this board that knows of a 18, or 19 year old who has been offered a "paying" full-time job in a ballet company this year??? Doesn't sound like it. Gosh as much as I miss my daughter dancing in Europe I guess she is lucky to be working!

Best of luck to all of you

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I know a number who have been offered second company, trainee or apprentice positions; some of those apprentice and second company jobs are paying positions and some are pretty well paid. However, I don't know of any who have been offered corp contracts, who are just now graduating from HS. Looks like the trend is definitely shifting to non-paying or low-paying jobs, with very few skipping that step as they leave HS. :yes:

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I know of guy graduating high school this year who got offered a job with Nashville Ballet & Richmond Ballet. He is instead though going to college on full scholarship-even got a living stipend-for a year because that college has connections with his dream company, Alvin Ailey. I also have another friend who is in her 2nd year after graduating from UBA. She is still waiting to hear from some companies but no offers yet. That kills me that a UBA graduate who is in great shape & has a great body is having a hard time finding a job. :yes:

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Here in South Carolina there's a local girl who got a contract as an apprentice to NCBT with connections to UNC-Charlotte to study in a health profession field. Some of the UBA students graduating do have contracts too.


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Auditions are definitely still going on. A lot of companies do not find out how many new dancers they will need to hire until their current dancers turn in their contracts. This sometimes doesn't happen until May/June. I know for a fact that Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley is holding a company audition in New York in late June. So if you haven't found a job yet, there is still hope!

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We also know of a few paid second company/apprentice and several trainee offers for recent graduates, and one very nice offer with great pay and full benefits to dance at Disney - Orlando, which apparently was very rare for a recent hs graduate!

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I know several young men, now high school seniors, who were offered corps positions with major ballet companies starting in the fall, but I don't know of any young women given similar offers. Some of my daughter's female high school friends have been offered apprentice or trainee positions, but nothing that could be considered a paying job, at least not according to my definition. A stipend or small, small salary requiring full parental support or outside jobs doesn't, to me, count as a paying job. That's all I know of for the women. It's quite an awful year.

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I should note that I do know of three offers made to women for a second company that does provide a comfortable, living wage. :cool2:

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