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used soft ballet shoes needed for painting


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Hello all!


I need to find 20-30 beat-up soft ballet shoes for a painting I am working on.

I am looking for ones that have the well loved look and lots of character such as holes and scuffs and dirt etc.

I have two pairs so far. One of mine and one from a girl in my class.

I am having trouble finding more since most people throw them out!

Let me know if any one can help me out!


I got a commision grant for the painting! whoo hoo! So I can pay $10-25 each pair depending on how beat-up they look.


I really need to stage my painting by Feb/March of 2008



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Sounds interesting. What's the concept of your painting? Is it a mixed-media collage incorporating a heavy paint impasto and a collage of shoes, or perhaps a grid of small squares each picturing a different pair of ballet slippers? Or simply a watercolor of lots of soft shoes? There are so many ways in which to approach "sitters" like these.


The problem with this request is that involves the exchange of goods and addresses, potentially those of minors, and while large parts of the COPPA have been proved unconstitutional, that part of it is still enforceable. At a ballet studio, there always seem to be "lost and found" boxes filled with all sorts of old shoes; I would suggest that as a ready source for subject matter. You are of course welcome to use Ballet Talk for Dancers to talk about technical matters of classroom and stage, but buying and selling is pretty much discouraged.

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Thanks for the info. I read the policies real quick to so if it was okay and I didn't see anything that would prohibit the post.


I have been doing oil painting still lifes with my roomate recently. We made a nice staging area for still lifes that allow great manipulation of the lighting both natural and artificial. It worked great for some fruit and flowers so far. I think some ballet shoes that have lotsa character would be really interesting...


Hopefully someone can help me out!!


Maybe if I can't buy them I can trade for them!



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Sorry, Megan, but this is just not something that we are going to have going on here. If we allow it once, then it's wide open, and we don't believe that it is a good idea. If you are in a ballet school, then you should be able to come up with a lot of used ballet shoes by the time you need them, since they don't last very long if you are dancing every day. Go to other classes in your school, and also check out the lost and found box. :) Good luck with your project.


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