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"Arch Band Supports"

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This is closest looking item that my DD has (DR. ROTH’S ARCH BAND SUPPORT). DD's is tan color, like a sock that doesn't goes over ankle, and it is invisible when she has tights. She wears them in point and flat shoes. It took extra effort to get back on pointe after putting inserts in but now her feet are so beautiful




Good luck

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That looks more or less like a support to help alleviate plantar fasciitis and like complaints. I'm not at all convinced that magnets do much of anything of a therapeutic nature for foot pain.

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Another PTA member, yankee, has PM'd me with information which pretty much squares with my own opinion:

There seems to be some enthusiasm from parents about the "Dr. Roth's Arch Band Support" but no mention of how/why to work through the feet to properly build muscle strength. Of course, in the time it is going to take me to write this perhaps someone qualified either as a teacher or teacher-moderator (I am neither so did not feel as though I could state what I have been told about this issue) will set the record straight about what the priority should be - strength building.


We were recently told that the use of arch supports in street shoes should even be temporary - that the goal should again be on building muscle strength in the feet. I can understand an older person who's geriatric protocol calls for arch support, however these are young bodies most likely capable of working the muscles to build up the necessary strength. And as we all know, dancers without strength = injuries.


I am concerned that this product has the aesthetic appeal to convince people that a dancer should merely look as though they have good arches since the product does not include a disclaimer stating to seek the advice of a podiatrist nor does it state that the product be used in conjunction with proper exercises for the feet and only on a temporary basis.


It is my understanding that arch supports used in ballet slippers and pointe shoes would be similar to using crutches to dance with because one's own strength is not being utilized to achieve the desired end (in this case, the "ideal" arch).


It would be one thing if the original poster's daughter had been prescribed this product as a part of her convalescence following an injury (though still, perhaps arch supports in street shoes rather than this) but there is no mention of that.

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