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modern summer intensive (help!!)


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ok, i'm new to this.

please don't think i'm vain or anything.

at my ballet school, we're pretty limited. for example, we can't take modern classes. which is not good, since if i ever want to get into a company (which i do) i need to have some modern experience.

so at my ballet school, i'm a better student in the class (once again, please don't think i'm vain. i'm just explaining myself). and my dance teacher actually called me once and told me she was bringing me up "to be the next generation of stars" for our performance, anyway. i'd like to do a summer intensive, or a short one, like maybe 2 weeks, but i'm afraid i won't do so well because of my lack of experience in modern and other types of dance. and please don't say 'just go someplace else where they have modern classes' because there isn't anywhere else. really.

so my question is: what do i do? i'm afraid my confidence will be knocked down quite a lot if i go someplace with no experience.

i no it would be good for me, and i'm definetly good enough in the classical region, it's just the modern. please help!


-nervous and confused.

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Hello balletfreak4ever, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


You have nothing to worry about, and you will not be alone! Many students who attend SI programs have not had experience in modern, and the programs expect that. You will be just fine!


That said, I would seriously think of a longer program if I were you. Two weeks is really short to accomplish very much, and most of the programs run at least 4 weeks, a lot are 5 or 6, and a few 8 weeks! That last one might be a bit extreme for a first timer. :thumbsup: But at least look at 4 and 5 weeks.


Are you looking for programs in Europe, or in the US?

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