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Aims and dreams for 2008 (ballet technique-wise)


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Today's the day that traditionally we make resolutions for the new year starting. Now we probably all have made resolutions in the past that have been difficult to keep. So I thought it'd be fun and motivating to make some public resolutions about ballet (the private ones about other parts of our lives we can keep to ourselves! :D ). For me, it always helps me to stick to something if I know other people have heard me say I'll do something! :shrug:


So, I'll start off: I have to have further surgery on my wrist (I broke it just a year ago), so will be out of class for about a month. But I am resolved to stay active this time, and I'm going to use this time as an opportunity really to focus on learning Pilates properly, rather than just picking up bits and pieces.


I'm also going to get back to contemporary [modern] class properly in the second half of the year, when (touch wood) my wrist and hand should be healed and pain-free at last (well, I have to stay optimistic)>


There now, I've said mine publicly and you all have permission to nag me. :innocent:


What are your ballet resolutions for 2008?




I've also started a thread on the Buddy Board for a retrospect on 2007 -- it seemed like more of a chat type topic

How was it for you?

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My goal is to have feet strong enough to go back en pointe (after 27 years no pointe). My goal is summer. My teacher says spring. We'll see who is right!

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My primary goal is to go to class three times a week whenever humanly possible, settling for twice a week when necessary. There will be weeks when it will be hard to get to class altogether (production week for DD in the spring comes to mind, and vacation) but that still leaves many other weeks full of hope and promise!


From there other goals become possible, like talking to my teacher about a plan for eventually trying pointe. :innocent:

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I know I've asked this before, but what is it about pointe? :shrug: I don't mean this in any rude way ... I stopped pointe work about 15 years ago, and have never really regretted it. It hurts!!!!


I think that there's so much to learn and try to get right technique-wise without worrying about pointe. But I suppose it's easier for me to say because I did pointe work as a teen and adult.


Is it that being on pointe defines ballet for a lot of people?

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Curiosity, plain and simple (for me). :) I have never done it and would like to be able to say that I did.


But I have miles to go before that happens, and plenty to work on with technique and placement, as well as strength and balance.

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I also am hoping to get back on pointe very soon, very gradually.

It's been about 15+ years for me. I think it looks beautiful- and feels beautiful to dance on pointe.

It's unearthly. It is strengthening. That's what comes off the top of my head as I am out the door-

I hope to be able to take at least 3-4 technique classes a week

Dream would be to take 5 classes a week.


I know I've asked this before, but what is it about pointe? :) I don't mean this in any rude way ... I stopped pointe work about 15 years ago, and have never really regretted it. It hurts!!!!

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For me, I'm working on getting accepted to dance schools.


I'm also currently taking a distance learning course in Benesh notation, as one of the paths I'm considering is to be a notator.


Hopefully by June I would figure out what I'm going to be doing!


My goal is to teach. Hopefully I'll be able to open a dance studio in maybe 10 years time? (Is that realistic??)


For technique-wise, these are my goals for 2008:

- consistent doubles en flat

- execute chaines en pointe

- extensions to 90 degrees (they've always been hovering at just below 90 and it's getting on my nerves!)

- continue to build up on core and inner thigh strength, and be able to use them in dance


To Redbookish re pointe:

As of now I have been dancing for 3 years 4 months. I started pointe 1 year into dancing purely out of vanity and curiosity. It's only after I started that I realised how much MORE I need to work on strength and alignment. I did consider going off pointe to get my strength up to a point where I would feel I'm *really* ready, but my teachers said keep doing pointe would help me strengthen the right muscles anyway. Plus she said if I go off I might lose the will to go back on again. Bah.


Then I joined the performing group, and flat shoes and flat tutus just don't go together. So am "stuck" with it really! But dancing rep without pointe shoes just doesn't feel quite right.


Been dancing in Russian Pointe Polettes which works well for my dancing feet but doesn't look so great. Just bought a pair of Freed Studio Pros a few weeks ago but never managed to try them in class yet (due to the lazy Fish who hasn't sewn the ribbons on until New Year's Eve..!), so hopefully they'll work!!!




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My goal is to go back to being a healthy vibrant person and work on my core. I've been taking Pilates and yoga for the last 1.5 months and going to the gym every day for an hour. I start 5 days a week of classes in college on the 7th- 3 modern, 2 ballet a week and will be in the studio or giving myself class at night after about a month of just morning class. I would also like to be back on pointe when I'm strong enough. I'd like to start my own ad hoc choreography group once I get to know more dancers in the area that may be interested. I moved to the other side of town recently, too far from the rest of my dancing mates. New studios, athough I will end up in class with my physician, who also lives and dances on this side of town.

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My goal is to get back into class after 20-odd years! As of yesterday, I have a leotard, tights and a pair of baller slippers. Just need to get up that last ounce of nerve and get to class.


Funny about the pointe issue. My dd, who is a 10 yr old dancer and practically counting the days until she is en pointe, asked me if I was going to go back en pointe. I just can't see doing it again, but then again, I didn't imagine I'd be getting back into a leotard after all this time either!

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I hope it's ok if I post on here...


My resolution is to start taking classes regularly again, whether it's three times a week or once a month. I danced for the first time in years a few weeks ago, and it was wonderful! I'd forgotten how much I really do love it.

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Hmmm let's see. At this point, my goals are to at least keep my strength/flexibility/etc. where they are and to work on alignment, smoother transitions, better use of my head, and more attention to the music.


Practically speaking it may be difficult to get to class quite as regularly. I'm very spoiled now to be just one mile from a wonderful school that offers at least one acceptable (to me) ballet class every evening. Alas, the school is moving, and the destination is as yet unknown. It will surely be a longer trek--the only question is whether it will be a little longer or a lot longer.


I might have to start doing more Pilates or stretch or something. I'm sure that would be good for me, but...


About pointe: I feel like it improves the rest of my technique as well. Also, it doesn't hurt me when I have the right shoes.


Maybe one of my goals should be to take some of Hans's classes.

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I want to have a more functional relationship with my ballet company this year. 2007 was very good, but also kind of rough.

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Consistent doubles on pointe.

Higher extension (am just barely over 90 degrees in each direction).

Fouettes on pointe.

Do center on pointe at least once per month, hopefully more.

Increase flexibility (especially for developpe front & back).

Try all types of pointe shoes that have been recommended to me by Ms DeVor to see if I have the best that is out there for me!

Perform at least once this year.

Ok that's enough! There are other things I want but I don't want to be overwhelmed!

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Re: pointe - I just really like that feeling of strength and articulation in my feet. I can feel it coming back slowly. It's as if a language I used to speak is coming back in my feet, and I can say words I haven't been able to say for years. I can feel it when I tendu. My re-beginning tendu was flat, monosyllabic. My tendu now is nuanced, graduated, almost a sentence.


As far as pointe itself, as opposed to the strength to do it, it's been 27 years, I know, but I don't remember it hurting. I do remember not liking the smell of the lambswool and the faint oiliness of its texture, but I understand I won't have to put up with that again! :wub:

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