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Post-Grad. Courses in Europe

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Happy New Year to you all!


Hoping someone out in the wider dance world can help me. I am looking for a practically/performance based dance course at MA/post-grad level. I would prefer the focus to be a mixture of both ballet and contemporary styles, but am open. In the UK, I guess the equivalent would be Verve, Edge and the apprentiship schemes offered by The Place and Northern School of Contemporary Dance. I cannot think of a course of this type in the UK with the focus on ballet. I appreciate that there are many Dance MA courses at Universities, but am assuming that graduates of these courses would generally not got go on to performing careers. I would consider a solely contemporary setting but would need to have the option of still taking ballet class at a perfessional standard (maybe open class in a large city?)


This is starting to sound like a personal ad, sorry, but has helped me to consolidate my ideas. I have looked online, but have found nothing that quite fits my criteria. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. :ermm:

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Although you won't use UCAS to apply, you might find the UCAS web siote useful, as you can search for degree programmes by subject. YOu could look for universities with dance departments. then go to their institutional web-sites, and look at their PG programmes.


For starters, I'd have a look at Surrey, Roehampton, and Dartington.

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Check out the apprenticeship schemes at The Place. Some are more ballet focused but it's very hard to get in. Good luck.

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Thanks for the replies, all helpful. But I am looking specifically for these type of schemes outside of the UK, somewhere in Europe or the states? Maybe someone knows of the courses elsewhere. I auditioned for one of apprenticeship schemes in 2007 and got kept through all the days, but unfortunately didn't get it.

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If you would consider going to Germany, have a look at the Palucca School in Dresden (one of the "Big5" in Germany). They have a master classes program as well as an apprentice scheme.


ETA: LSC has also a PG program - have a look at "Image of Dance"

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DSL- I thought that Images of Dance was the third year of the BA course, the last year of the classical course at LSC. If I entered as a graduate would I be working towards a post-grad diploma of some sort or would it be effectively just another year of training? I have looked at the website and have many friends who were in the company, but maybe I have misunderstood the focus of the course.

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Images of Dance is the 3rd year and / or a PG option if you need to work on technique before entering the professional world. If you rather look for a Master of Arts, this might not be an option at LSC (yet). Having said that, some students repeat the (Images) company year to get company-ready (for the real world).

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