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Ok, it seems the time has come to start looking at schools beyond highschool for dance. Ok, ok im sure this is a frequent topic here, but i really need some advice, not to brag, but im good at ballet and modern. im really not one to brag, (im am normally really modest) i just figure that will maybe help get a idea of where to go.

i have good grades, and i take higher courses. and i really love dance, i go to a high school for the arts, and im in a great dance company. im just so lost as to where to look! if anyone could help me out i would be sooooo greatful!





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Hello Sarah, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :shrug:


Are you looking for a college dance program, or a pre-professional school to study ballet? Are you aiming for a career in classical ballet? If we know a bit more about your training history and your goals, it would help, but we also have forums where you can read about all the programs in both colleges and in pre-professional schools. If you look at the list of forums on the home page, you will see one called Career and Higher Education. There is also a forum for Pre-professional and Residency Schools.


If you have attended some good SI programs in the summers, that should give you some ideas about what schools you might want to attend for ballet, but if you want to go the education route, then check out all of the colleges we have listed with dance programs. :ermm:

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