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What can I do to regain strength?


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I had a bunion on my left foot, and a groin pull in my left inner thigh. I had to take off because they were just not healing. I ended up taking off for five months to fully heal. I usually take class six days a week, and yesterday was my third day back. I seem to be doing well, but I have a few questions. How long does it usually take to fully regain my strength, and besides the obvious of just taking class, what are some excersizes to strengthen? I have not resumed pointe work yet, and my ballet teacher has suggested to wear an old pair of pointe shoes on demi for techique class. Thanks so much.

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Taking your injuries into consideration, mostlikely the best people to be involved in your recovery and strengthening schedule are your PT, your ballet teacher(s) and your parents. Please discuss what would be best for you with them since they are actually able to "see" you! :o Also, please run the "old pointe shoe" idea by your PT as well.


Patience is difficult but best at this point. :sweating:

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