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January w[h]ine sofa


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I sprained my ankle in september... seemed to be nothing, but I couldn't do releve's let alone stand on pointe for months!

Now I am able to take classes again, but I had to sit still for so long that my muscles are REALLY tight; my hamstrings start hurting when I try to lift my leg over 85 degrees, where I used to get my legs without any trouble much, much higher!

*sigh* Will it ever go back to "normal", or am I already to old to get back in shape....


(nice to whine sometimes ;-) )

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I went to my first vocational school audition yesterday, and I don't feel so good.


The ballet class was quite basic. That was the bit I intially was most worried about, but as the day approaches was actually the thing I knew I would LEAST worry about.


And it was proven correct when I was actually in the audition. The jazz class that came straight afterwards was so HARD! I've never done anything like it, it was so fast! One count I was up, and the other I would be down, then left, right, turn, I felt like :D after just 2 x 8 counts.


Worse than that, as it was straight after ballet, you could imagine the shoulders and arms didn't move about a lot. There was no jazz warmup, we were thrown straight into the routine, and this morning when I woke up my whole shoulder girdle was in pain. Shoulders, neck, upper arms are all hurting. Unfortunately I don't feel any of my stomach hurting, which meant in the stress I forgot to engage my core at all :blushing:


I suppose this really gave me an insight into what West End / Broadway dancers experience, it's hard, and it's tough. And only the best come out on top.


I think I didn't quite do so well in the other areas they asked for as well (acting, singing, musical theatre).


Ho hum... not holding my hopes up.



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My favourite and most expensive leotard disappeared at the laundromat!




jawdrop: :D I couldn't find the actual gasp I made when I read this on the list. Who would do such a thing? My sympathies. I know I would be horrified to lose one of the few that fit me best.


I am having my whine over not even seeing one Nutcracker this year. I go to two schools that do it and missed both. It was a very busy holiday season which is good, but I could have planned better. Maybe next year I will be functional enough to be in the thing finally.....an extra resolution. I have an Aunt who is a regular audience member in NY and she said there is a perfect part for a girl with my particular assets....I could hide lots and lots of kids under my skirt.... Of course adults around here play party parents...


My neighbors daughter was in a ...

wait for it...

Jazz version of Nut, but I only heard about it after the fact. I would love to have seen it but my perpetual head shaking might have been distracting to the audience.


On a good note....Ballet class resumes tonight. :blushing:



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Here's the new thread -- but let's hope there are more celebrations than disappointments in 2008



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I just found out that was to be my next and final nutcracker performance has been cancelled. :-(


It's not a big deal I know, but it feels so unfinished now, not having a last performance, and it was also the one my husband was going to watch.

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That's terrible Trying to improve! I'm so sorry.


I haven’t posted here before BUT my whine right now is that the small company I dance with has a show coming up in two weeks and we're soooo not ready!!!! I'm mostly afraid I won't have my part down enough and that I'll draw a blank on stage.


Another whine I have right now....I really don't know how to say this so here goes.... I've been dancing for like 3.5yrs now...and I still feel like I'm a beginner. Granted, I’ve come a long way from not knowing what a Tour Jete was. But lately, I've been getting looks from some dance instructors at the studio where our dance company is based and it’s the look that says "why are you here?" I mean, come on...I know I'm not a great dancer right now and my flexibility isn't something to admire but I'm trying. I guess it shouldn’t matter that these are people who haven’t had me in class. They just sit in on some rehearsals and see me for like ten minutes :)


Ok, I’m done. Thanks for reading! :thumbsup:

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My whine. I've been out of classes for about 6 months now and my mind is getting the better of me. I'm not doing well in some other aspects, and I'm having an incredibly difficult time going to new classes in my new city. I've totally psyched myself out. ::sigh::








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Had planned to get back to class this month, after November's gout attack and December's car accident. I went last Monday and thought I was going to die. I couldn't follow the combinations (or get through them,) especially by the end of class. I didn't even try the glissade/jete/assemble combos--I literally could not get my feet to move. Just sort of hopped a couple of times, then stood there like a ninny. I know you should at least TRY the combo, but the head said "go" and the feet said "uhhhh...."


I shouldn't have gone--I strained my neck again and got what-for from the chiropractor. Not to mention that I hurt so badly the next day I had to take a pain pill (RX--and I'm not encouraging wild drug use and abuse. Believe me, it was necessary--I couldn't MOVE!!) But we started rehab this week, so maybe soon. I will definitely wait until I get the green light from the doc. I just don't know if I can take up where I left off. I may have to go back to the lower classes until I get my act together again. In the meantime I'm turning into a complete blob. Grrrrr.....


On the bright side, the pre-pro company from the school I attend is doing an all-Balanchine evening this Saturday: "Concerto Barroco", "Valse Fantasie", "Who Cares?", and my all-time fave, "Serenade." Life is good.



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I sprained my ankle (or strained it, or something) last night. Dancing on slippery floor (too slippery really, should not have done class....), coming down from a lovely pirouette, and just slipped and landed on my ankle bone. It was throbbing this morning. So much for dancing again. :)

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I went to the store where I bought the leotard that disappeared at the laundromat last month - and Mirella doesn't make it in that colour anymore!!! :)

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I broke my 5th metatarsal! I think I did it on the unfamiliar floors in unfamiliar studios when I was visiting my Mom in December. I finally got x-rayed. :clapping:

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I noticed your other post and meant to respond. That stinks, it must have been hurting and for awhile.


The emergency room doctor who initially treated me called it a "dancers fracture", I guess we're prime examples of that, along with ineluctability, though as an eternal beginner I would have to use the term "dancer" very loosely!


Heal quickly!

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Thanks gimpy! I know, I was so shocked when I saw my own x-ray and saw it was EXACTLY like ineluctability's x-ray, just without displacement. It has been hurting for awhile (since early Dec, when I travelled to Raleigh and went on the unfamiliar dance floors) and I knew from the internet that it was sounding a stress fracture, but I was waiting till my insurance got re-instated... But since it does show up on an x-ray, it's more serious than a normal stress fracture, but is only hairline with no displacement, so less serious or painful than yours and ineluct's. Either way, it's certainly disappointing to be told not to dance at all!

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That's such a bummer for all three of you! How long does it take to heal?


In the meantime, can you do a floor barre?





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I'm doing floor barre, but I omit pointing and flexing, which is quite a lot of it in fact, but there's nothing to be done about it. I'm also doing Pilates and yoga in the mean time.

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