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I did a split! (Right side) First time in over 25 years, since high school, I think. Maybe more. Maybe since toddler-hood. I might have to ask my mom...


That took 11 months of near-daily classes.


I know, it doesn't mean anything - it's just a stretch, not a goal...but...woo hoo!

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Myself, took my first class on pointe for a while. Did my double pirouettes to the right OK, and the adagio was nice, but I was generallly tentative and scared. But I intend to wear the things from now on, and will get my confidence back:)

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Yesterday evening, I attended Beg Ballet at another school for the first time. So the teacher was checking me and my movements out....


She looked at my turnouts like she's never seen a turnout before, and twice said "Wow!", saying that I have an excellent facility for dance.


Then she watched my plies, and was again favorably impressed.


Then she asked if I played a musical instrument, which I don't. And she said, "You are very musical".


She asked how long I've been dancing and I said that it's now a year since I began, and she said she couldn't believe that it has only been that duration....that I am very well placed (my alignment and posture, I assume) and am indeed very well trained from the ground up.


Okay, I say all these not to feather my own cap, but to thank my Sunday ballet teacher who single-handedly molded my ballet skills and body into what they are today. Time and again I've thought how much credit should belong to whom, and I felt that I can at most take only 35% of it. Now I know that I am right. My own efforts aside, I can only work with the instructions and guidance I've been provided.


I am a delicate sapling in need of tender attention, and have been blessed with a gifted, kind-hearted, thorough teacher whose sheer attention to detail, patience, and warm humor allows me to flourish.


To my beloved teacher, Thank You for being you! Where would I have been without your light?

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Three perfectly clean piros, and when I stopped, I just stayed there in balance. :blink:


I've seen the ABT men do it on stage, with 5-6 turns. I was shocked and elated!


Now I just need to be able to repeat it.

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Despite my post on the wine couch for Sunday, I got a letter today which totally brightens up my day.


I'm taking a Benesh notation course at the moment and only sent off my homework on Friday. I've already got the teacher's marking back and she's made some very nice comments about my work.




Been going on an emotional rollercoaster in just 3 days! Not sure if I could cope! :)



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Fish, that sounds fascinating. Is it a short course (on site at the RAD) or the distance learning course. A couple of years I took the elementary Benesh course at the headquarter. It was very challenging indeed anf for sure it is rewarding to be able to read and write dance notation :-)

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Yes DSL it's the Distance Learning Course One that I'm taking.


I can't believe how much more it's helping my technique as well. E.g. Grand plies are notated with 5 frames: 1. Standing with legs straight

2. Demi plie: knees bent, feet flat on floor

3. Grand plie: knees bent more (closer to the ground, and wider!), feet en demi-pointe

4. Demi plie again

5. Legs straighten


So since the course has gone over that, I've consciously thought about the heels MUST NOT leave the floor until I've gone through my demi plie.


This is only one example! There's loads of similar situations, like where a foot is at cou de pied, what's its difference when the foot is at knee height? in between? front? side? back?


It's (in a very nice way) opened a whole can of worms!!!



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YAY! I've seen two performances, written my first review of 2008, and had my first ballet class back!!!!!!! WOO HOO! Although I did a handful of classes in the fall, today, I really felt like I was 'back dancing', and loved it. Legs lower, core weaker, will not be able to walk tomorrow... but I LOVED it, and loved the petit allegro we did... haven't felt like this in a while...


Meanwhile, does anyone want to offer to carry me around tomorrow?

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Congrats Ami!!

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Took my first ballet class since last fall....in a new state....I LOVE my new ballet school!!! (Georgia Ballet, Thank you Ms. Leigh! Despite the hour drive, it is FANTASTIC!!!) And I didn't look like a retard, and kept up really well! I found a class that fits me!!! I'm so excited!!!!

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I pulled out a clean double pirouette en dedans today -- something I usually don't manage because, uh, I forget to spot. Tonight, though, I finished up in releve, square to the front of the room as I was hoping to do, and all. And when I stepped down and looked around in shock, a friendly face from straight across the room was smiling and giving me a thumbs up!


It was a nice moment of sunshine in an otherwise grey day.

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I dreamed about doing smooth, clean, controlled pirouettes...does that count for anything? :D They sure felt nice in the dream!

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I am not sure if this is the usual Champagne moment but it is pretty cool.


When I was at my own Physical Therapy appointment on Tuesday the Therapist asked me about another patient he has at the moment; a ballet dancer. He explains his job as working to help someone get back to their sport. He doesn't know much of anything about Ballet so was asking me. He knows my background as an Athletic Trainer in College and Sports Massage Therapist later on. He also knows I have spent my life in and out of Ballet studios and I know my anatomy.

I got a couple of magazines and the Book Ballet Fit over to him on my next appointment, and spoke to one of the other therapists about what it takes to get a girl back up en pointe, but it looks like we will need a proper conference and some demonstration. I am not even sure where the girl in in her recovery yet or how advanced she is or not.. I already want to get a look at her.

It is funny. When I was in college I wanted to be the therapist for dancers but there appeared to be no route to get there or jobs like that out there. I would volunteer at this point.

I also volunteered to teach the guys a little barre class so they have a better idea of what the goals are and they looked like they would be taking me up on it. I was kind of half joking but my friend, the massage therapist, who was there at the time said they would probably love it. They have 3 Ballet students now and nobody in the clinic, or the area specializes or has any special affinity for dancers.

I never taught Ballet before (Just Tap) but I have no doubt I could do a quasi demonstration class stressing how we make these things happen. At least a good question answer session....

It might be great fun.



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Still loving my new ballet class....definately beginning to notice some differences between one studio and the other.....I hope I'm up to it......I love a class where the teacher openly comments!

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