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Anime: Princess Tutu

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Can you find these only in Japanese, Japanese with Eng subtitles, or translated to English. Some times the English translations are very different from the Japanese. I guess I could order them from Japan. ONe daughter speaks Japanese but the other does not.

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I was browsing flickr and so a bunch of cosplay people in tutus and pointe shoes.

And I was like: What the heck??? What character is that?


But I guess they must've been Princess Tutu.

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i am so excited about the princess tutu! i watched the first episode and i'm hooked! i hope my library has the set of dvds........

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I should correct something I said earlier on this thread, that the anime is drawn in "chibi" style. "Chibi" are those little bug-like sketches that go on behind the main action, most usually, but Princess Tutu is drawn in "S.D." genre - Super Deformed - with the heads being large in comparison to body length, although not so much as in some anime, where the head can be as much as a third of the whole figure.

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My dd is a HUGE anime fan and adores Princess TuTu. Last year, I found the complete DVD set on eBay for her for Christmas for only $25. Apparently the set is very popular with the dancers at the conservatory at SUNY purchase, too. I'm going to pass this thread along to her, because although I know she likes Princess TuTu, I know nothing about the finer points of anime that you all are discussing. :shrug: (I do like the music arrangements, however.) She'll know just what you are talking about.

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This does seem quite cool, I especially like the way the plot relates to many different ballets at once. You might want to check out the manga, SWAN, too -- it is drawn and written in a similar style.

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I heard about Princess Tutu on this forum, so I decided to check it out...I was hooked after the first episode! I think I watched all of the episodes within a week :P

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I've only seen a few episodes of Princess Tutu but loved what I have seen. I really should go back and finish the whole series.

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One of my friends discovered this series, and had me look in bookstores for the manga version of Princess Tutu, but to no avail.

However, I found a site that has all 38 episodes for free.Iths english subtitles, but they are all color coded for each character, and has little notifications for name changes and japanese references that westerners might not understand.They even have the opening and closing songs in english, japanese, and japanese pinyin (or whatever you call the pronunciation system). Im absolutely in love with this series, and I actually find it interesting to hear them speak as they were meant to.


Heres the site, no subscription needed: Watch/Download Princess Tutu

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Yay! I am so happy to hear that other dancers have enjoyed Princess Tutu as much as I did! I finished the series and actually did a cosplay of Princess Tutu myself. (Cosplay meaning to dress up as Princess Tutu)

Here's a pic of me as Princess Tutu:

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I absolutely love Princess Tutu! I've thought about dressing up as her next convention we go to!

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