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Anime: Princess Tutu

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On Netflix.com if you have a membership, you can watch all the episodes of Princess Tutu! I saw the whole thing in like 2 days! :D


Now, Sometimes instead of saying "What?" I say.. QUACK! :blink::lol:

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Here's a pic of me as Princess Tutu:


How Awesome!! :jawdrop: I made a Princess Tutu necklace! [ ] :clapping:
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  • 8 months later...

.... is it bad that this is largely what made me want to do Ballet, and I'm only like 8 episodes in?

(I put it on hold to try and educate myself more, still been meaning to pick it up again, I've sort of moved on a bit though and have other sources for wanting to do it now I think)

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  • 11 months later...

@ roseweave, As late as this reply is(haha :blush: ), I couldn't help but jump in! Its not embarassing at all if thats what prompted you to take ballet! I am partially inspired by it, and am a very huge fan of anime and manga. I was starting to think there were no posts about Princess Tutu... :pinch: but finally I found it! I can't help but laugh at neko-sensei :lol:

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Can we discuss Swan manga here or is it better to open new thread?

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GTLS Designs

Probably best to keep it here.

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So thanks to this thread, I watched Princess Tutu today in youtube. I really like the neko sensei character! There are also some interesting Princess Tutu cosplay videos where people in Tutu and Rae costumes actually dance (ok, some of them are obviously never tKe ballet lesson).


Now on to Swan. It is my favorite manga on ballet actually. I like that the character and ballet itself are depicted seriously. I also learn some interesting info on pdd there, where Mari was too fast in her jumping and it burden her partner's shoulder muscle, and how it eventually will snap.


Other manga that I DON'T like is Mari Chan series (it goes by different series, such as Silver Toe Marichan, Swan Song Marichan, etc). I remember one episode where Marichan is an estranged daughter of a famous ballerina, and one day she was watching a ballet class and caught by the teacher. Never take a single ballet class in her life, she was given an opportunity to dance, and performed perfect grande jete etc. Phew.

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I was actually planning on reading swan next, so hopefully once I start I could also start posting about it! How interesting.

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