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Schedule gone wild


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This is actually a marvellous thing.

Last week I wanted to start a wednesday evening Pilates class at my YMCA. I called first to confirm and heard: sorry no classes listed for this week and no info on next. :wink:

Yesterday I went in for my water class and saw Pilates back on the day schedule for 4PM. I asked about the rest of the week and they have Wednesday at 4 as well. Yeah! This is a new time slot that won't conflict with making dinner for the hubby like Ballet nights and it is already part of my monthly fee.


So here is the potential schedule for the semester:

M W F Noon: Water class

M W 4 PM Pilates

M 7:30 Beginner Ballet

T TH 5:00 Intermediate Ballet

T TH variable Physical Therapy

Friday Evenings: Ballroom with the Hubby....if we ever get there. It is an ongoing thing.


This is a big increase for me but I want it. ADC would still be a shock to my system I guess, but do-able if I keep up this schedule. I know I need to add slowly after missing my intermediate classes for a while.


I am concerned with starting the week with 3 classes. I wonder if it wouldn't be better to work up to the 3 per day schedule through the week and then have the weekend to recover???? Of course a Saturday Tap class wouldn't hurt my feelings...

Either way it makes room to make up for the little things that come up that force me to miss a class here and there.


I can't add the Pilates to my schedule until next week because of Dr. Appt's this week. It is a little frustrating but probably sensible.

I am just a bit excited here...



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ADC? As in Aerospace Defense Command?


You want to fly and intercept incoming hostile aircraft? :P


That could indeed be very arduous, especially if you don't own a fighter aircraft! :wink:


(flap, flap, flap)

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Major Mel you ARE funny :D

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Ha Ha.

Um...Flying? well the hubby did just get his private pilots license.... OK, OK.

I thought ADC was common lingo on this board for Adult Dance camp. Maybe in another thread?



I am adding a class per week to get to all of the ones available and not over-do it.

I tried to add Pilates yesterday. I got to the gym, asked where to find the class, went to that destination through the weight room and up a couple flights of stairs (free warm up) and found myself all alone. I waited. I waited some more...until the class was supposed to have started. I went back downstairs. It took a while. One of the new security doors refused me re-entry so I had to wait for someone to hear me to get out. When I got back to the front desk the girl was visibly confused when I told her nobody else showed up. She had seen the teacher come in and go the other way. At that point I figured the class was being held elsewhere but it was way too late for a newcomer to sneak in. It was either that or beware the girl finding the teacher and having a private class for my first one. No thanks with a new teacher. He is a certified instructor but I still want to check out his classes from the back row first.

I guess next week will have to do.

Meanwhile I have made some weekly calendars with all my potential classes and such for my husband who is now asking me what I am doing the next day before we go to sleep. I also plan to use them for an attendance record; just for me to know how many I get to on average per month by the end of the year.


It is back to intermediate Ballet for tonight as long as the roads stay clear and ice free.


Have a great week all,


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