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I am wondering what is acceptable to wear for a college dance audition that consists of a ballet and modern class. I have always worn pink tights and a black leotard for ballet auditions, but if it is modern as well, are black tights (on top of the leotard) ok?

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I asked about this last year and the general consensus was black (if specified or anything dark, solid color you feel comfortable in) leotard and pink tights. When I auditioned, I found that 80% of others were wearing the same. Some did wear black tights (as did I when I auditioned for a program with a strong modern emphasis).


Here's my thread from last year: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?...topic=33942&hl=

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My daughter auditioned for a similar program last year. Most dancers (including mine) stayed in their black leos & pink tights for the modern portion of the audition, although many girls were wearing their tights on top of their leotards for the entire audition. ( Audition consisted of 1.5 hour ballet class followed by 1 hour modern).

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I think a clean line is essential for auditioning, tights on the outside, shorts, or a leotard with no tights are a distraction.


For ladies, pink and black are classic. For the men, Black tights & white leotard is standard.



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Unless otherwise specified, go with pink and black. If the audition is all rolled together as one class, you won't have time to change. However, feel free to wear convertible tights so you can roll up the feet if you want to and bring black tights or leggings or gauchos in case you're at a more relaxed program and everyone else is wearing them. Obviously you don't want to feel gauche and uncomfortable for being a bunhead surrounded by modern dancers!

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