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How to plie en pointe/hops en pointe


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In a solo of mine for festival I am doing a couple of different steps where I need to plie my supporting leg while I am en pointe. I am having a really hard time because I have high arches and I am going WAY to far over my pointes when I plie. I have seen pictures/videos of professional variations where there foot is not all the way stretched and pointed in the "perfect" position while doing hops and plies en pointe. How do I achieve this correct position of the feet??

Thanks so much


p.s I can not ask my teacher/choreographer because I am away at college and wont see her for a while. She did try explaining it but I couldn't understand from her description las time we met.

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tiny dancer studying a ballet on your own when you do not know how to do a step is a difficult goal! First you must learn to jump on two feet on pointe before you are able to jump on one. :thumbsup: The shape of the feet are the same whether jumping on one or on two. Of course, one is much more difficult, especially when a student has high insteps and arches.


Do you have a ballet teacher where you are away at college who may be able to help you? This movement in particular has some moments that when not done correctly can really encourage a potential disaster. :shrug:

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Sorry I should of clarified, I am not doing hops on one foot in plie, I am just doing some walks en pointe where I have to plie my supporting leg before I step onto the next leg ( does that make sense?). I believe the position of the feet are the same regardless when you are plieing on pointe. I am studying dance in college ( contemporary) but I still takes 4 ballet classes per week so I am not just studying ballet on my own. I have had this position explained to me before but am still having some difficulties and was wondering if there were any tips that might help


thanks a bunch

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Once you understand how to place the foot, which is straight on the tip but without pushing the instep over, so that you are actually further back on the tip that for other things, then the most important thing, especially for someone high arches and insteps, is to be VERY lifted, and don't allow your body weight to sink into the shoes. Everytime you plié, it's always an upward movement in space, not a down, and this is even more important when trying to do plié on pointe, whether for walks or hops.

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