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Dealing with bones...

{Polina Fan}

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I've come to realize that I have lots of bone placement issues in my hips and legs. I am not capeable of turning out much in my right hip, or straighten my knees very much. My turnout limitations in my right hip cause quite a bit of pain sometimes, but only short "Cramp" like pains in the hiflexer. I have seen doctors SEVERAL times, and none have answers - except for Physical Therapy. I went to PT for about 2 years, and saw no improvement. So I was pulled out of it, after discussing it with my PT and such.


No I'm thinking about going back to ballet, but I was wondering if there is anything I can do for my bone alignment issues? It effects my dancing heavily, and displeases me much. I would almost like to quit ballet, but I really do love it. And I want to perform.


Please do not suggest PT, or a doctor visit. We do NOT have the money, and no doctors seem to have answers. We cannot afford to go see a "dance doctor." We've gotten 7 MRIs which all show nothing brain wise, and several exrays, shots, PT sessions, ect ect.


What else can I do?!

Desprate help needed!


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Hmm. Let's see, you want advice, but the answer can't be see a doctor, or do PT, or take a referral to a dance injury specialist, so what's left? Aha! I see: given those limitations, the only thing left is to quit ballet.

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Wait just a second! :huh:


I answer a question posed by Polina Fan, and get a response from Prima.Dreams? :o


What exactly is going on here? :shrug:

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When I made this thread, I was on my PC. I lost of info for my first account, logged onto my Mac and used Firefox, which automatically logged me into my first account.

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OK, then who's MissBallet, who has the same IP address? Why would anyone need more than one identity for this board? And how much equitation, that is, horseback riding, do you do? Two of the three e-mail addresses involved go through rather horsey domains. That could be having a profound effect on your problems.

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I haven't ridden for a very long time. I sold my horse to pay for dance classes and gave up riding so I could hopefully correct my leg alignment, as directed by my PT.

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OK, but I repeat:


then who's MissBallet, who has the same IP address? Why would anyone need more than one identity for this board?


It's the three identities that bother me. If you needed help accessing the board, you could have used the "contact us" link on the masthead. I'm going to assume that the multiple identities were not for the purpose of deception, but two of them are going to have to go! Which one do you want to continue to use?

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Eek! Sorry.

All of them except this account. I've had issues with remembering login info, as I rely on my computer data to save it. I've been switching computers and such, so yeah. It gets kinda confusing and I'm sorry for the confusion.


Well, I probably won't be around much seeing as I'll be quitting, but whatever :P



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OK, I can do that. But just because you don't dance doesn't mean you go blind! If you see something interesting, please talk about it!

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