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So audition season is upon us once again and I am trying to get ready for it. I'm pretty over the whole cattle-call audition thing...clearly it is not the way to go and frankly, it is a waste of money for me (the cost of transportation into NYC plus the many auditions that decide to charge money). So, I'm planning on contacting several companies about taking company class, both in the US and in Europe. My question is, is there a "correct" time to do this? What I mean is should I contact them early, before they do the majority of their open auditions, or should I wait until later (mid-March or so), when they know how many spots will be open? Or is each company different?





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The problem with scheduling the company class is that sometimes, some ADs don't like it- maybe even hate it. :yes: It's hard to know who will and who won't. Cattle calls are hardly any dancer's favorite way to audition, but unfortunately, they are going to continue to be an important part of how a dancer gets a job.


Let's remember that it's also a numbers game; the more places/auditions you can get to, the better your chances are of obtaining that job.


Some companies will accept video auditions too, so that may be a way to go for you. As far as when, unfortunately, auditions happen prior to the ADs having a true idea of how many spots there will be for the next season. (Boy I wish I was General Manager of the Universe...that's but one of the changes I would make...but I digress)


Your best bet is to just get them out there. If they see something they like in you, they'll keep you in mind.

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Yea I understand what you are saying...it's just that I've rarely met or heard of someone getting hired from a cattle call audition. I would think that an AD would rather see a dancer in company class, to see how they fit with the rest of the company....but to each his/ her own, I suppose.



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They do get hired from cattle calls, but not to the 2 and 3 letter companies. If you're only looking there, you're going to either have to win a gold medal at some recognized ballet competition, or know someone who knows someone who knew someone.....

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Carmen, as Clara said, some directors do like it, so, the best way would be to contact the company and ask them if they do that. If they do, then ask them when would be the best time to do it. :) Good luck to you, and we hope you get a job! :yes:

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Yes, sorry Carmen. I am distracted tonight and I should have recommended to call places you're interested in to see if they do accept and prefer company class auditions. The reason I specifically said, prefer, is because I have heard of some ADs who will allow it, yet don't prefer it. :)


And Merde to you of course!!! Please report back here on your journey too :yes:

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Go on to the websites of the companies you are interested in - many of them have specific procedures for those who want to audition in company class. Usually it requires sending your resume, head shot, photos and a DVD (this seems to be a requirement for most now), sometimes there is a proscribed period of time when this can be done, and then waiting for an invitation. Some only allow those who are already in a professional company to take company class, and others limit it only to soloists and principals. Good luck, and if you know of anyone with connections to a particular company, then use them.

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If you are interested in European companies, start immediately. Auditions have been underway for a while now. Also, be aware that directors don't always show up for company class auditions. This has happened to me on several occasions and I know it's happened to others as well.

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And you should be aware that the impression that seems to be common in the US that there are lots of jobs in Europe is now inaccurate. And you are unlikely to be hired ahead of an EU citizen at the corps level.

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Many companies have developed ways to work the company auditions in so just call those you are interested in and find out who to speak to to get their specific information. You may need to be ready to do it on a specific day of the week that they allow them or time of year. We found many places only allowing them on say Tuesday with only 3 slots per week available or even companies who scheduled everyone coming one particular week during the year and no other time. You just have to ask and be prepared to go when they say you can.

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Also note the rules are different if you are in a professional company - so if you are already a trainee or second company member somewhere make sure you state that when you contact the company.

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This looked like the best thread to tag onto, instead of starting a new topic...so in addition to timing, what might a dancer expect if they do get an opportunity to take a company class?


Does "taking company class" usually mean arriving, taking one class and being on your way? Or is there ever an option of taking classes for a couple of days? Could they expect a facility tour? Is there a chance to speak to anyone. I would think before class would it would be intrusive to bother the company dancers for more than, "Is this spot okay to stand in?" Is there a waiver to sign? Would the wait time be the same as the cattle call auditions?


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I know that a couple of years ago, my neice was invited to take a week of classes at Boston Ballet as an "audition" before the open auditions were held. I imagine it depends on the AD.

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Tentative, as so much is in ballet, the answer is: It depends. Some will be invited to stay for a few days or a week and 'work out' with the existing company members to see how personalities and styles mesh. Some will invite dancers for a single class or a single day--and the AD may or may not be there. Some will require videos sent for screening before an invitation is issued, Some will require an actual audition, be it cattle call or otherwise.


These days, there is no one 'usual' scenario. It runs the whole gamut. And auditioning via attending company class is getting harder and harder. There are so many dancers looking for contracts that it is disruptive to regular company members' class that it is not as easy to snag an invitation as it once was.


But, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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