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:blushing: I know there are probably a million of these... >.< sorry if I add to the large amount of topics.


I've been taking ballet for about 5 years now, and I absolutely SUCK at anything that has to do with pirouettes. The only time I have been able to slam a perfect triple was during the summer intensive I took two years ago. I cannot even execute a perfect double anymore.


For awhile now, while I try to practice my pirouettes in vain :sweating: , I've been analyzing my posture in the mirror. I cannot seem to 'feel' my body, in other words, I have absolutely no control and feel 'numb' when I turn (everything I've learned about ballet flies out the window when I start turning, I think). Which is why I have only bad habits left - I don't 'feel' or straighten my back, my passe which has perfect turnout goes ballistic, my butt hangs out, therefore my supporting leg is turned in, my balance becomes horrible along with my spotting.

My teacher has been trying her best to help me - it only works a quarter of the time because I don't usually understand how to work my body around. She also says I'm too 'frantic' when I start turning.


Could my problem be because my butt muscles, hip muscles, etc. are weak? What exercises can I do to strengthen them?

I know for a fact I need to start over again. :)

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xschizy, first, calm down, stop turning and rethink the whole process, from ABC. Correct every aspect of the preparation and the relevé to the pirouette position. Find out how to align your bones and distribute your weight, and the muscles which support you in the relevé. If those muscles are not working, add some Pilates to your program. Once you have a strong position on demi pointe, then make quarter turns, sustaining the end of the turn and lifting into the 5th. Practice this until it's good, then go to half turns, and do the same thing. Eventually you will, with help from a knowledgeable teacher, find your center.


The next hurdle will be to change your mindset and ddecide that turns are fun! Right now you are afraid of them, and that automatically puts your weight back and messes up any chance of good turns.


Also, please be aware that if you are still growing, this can affect your center when you are in a growth spurt. Patience is key, along with putting in the work on the basics.

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:shrug: thank you. I will try my best to take it easy and calmly from now on.

Um, I have another question. I've heard that wearing glasses can also affect your turning skills. Is it true??

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Absolutely! Someone of your age, and a level to be learning pirouettes, really needs to get contacts. Glasses should never be worn in class unless one is too young for contacts. There are a few people who cannot wear contacts, but not that many. If you can't, you really need to learn to do class without glasses, as you will not be able to wear them on stage.

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