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Hip Hop?


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My 10 yo DD has been taking hip hop at her old school for two years now. (We are switching to a ballet school over the summer.) This has been at a school that is better than a Dolly Dinkle, but not focused in ballet like a pre professional school. One of the hip hop instructors is really a wonderful teacher, teaches abroad on breaks, etc. DD currently has 2 hrs hip hop, 2 hrs jazz, 1 hr tap, 1 hr acro (which we are dropping asap), and 3 hrs ballet.


Would continuing hip hop classes after the switch be a bad idea? I have read other threads regarding tap classes - the answers were kind of mixed. I am wondering if hip hop would be a negative for my DD's ballet training. The moves are so different, but they have also made her stronger.


Thanks! :)

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Sewlinda--I answered part of your question on the other thread you started. Your DD is 10, so if she likes hip-hop then you may want to let her continue to take it until ballet classes take over that time. Which they will shortly. While hip-hop will do nothing to help her ballet, I am not a believer that at 10 a child should give up "everything" to do ballet unless that is what she is driven to do. And even then, I think it's important they are well-rounded. I would answer the same thing regardless of what other activity she wanted to try out at that age. But that's just me. If she is serious about ballet, the time will come soon enough (in a couple of years) where that will be all she has time to fit in. Let her be an 10 year old now who dabbles in alot of different things as she makes her shift to more focus on one. She may get to the ballet school and love it. Or she may get there and decide ballet is better for her in conjunction with her other dance loves. Having one DD who made the change to ballet, ballet, ballet and another who did ballet to supplement her jazz,tap only. You just don't know yet how she will in reality, want it to fit together.


Taking the hip/hop class will also allow her time to transition from a place where she knows no one and keep in contact with those friends she's got now.

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Thanks, Momof3darlings. It sounds like taking hip hop and tap at the old studio would be a good transition.


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I have to say that alternative forms of dance will always help in ballet. (Just as ballet is a must for all other forms of dance!) My dd was on a Master Hiphop competition team while participating heavily in Ballet (YAGP, Nuts, SIs, etc). One thing you always noticed about her was she had amazing "face" (truly encouraged by her HIPHOP teacher). Versatility is always useful, especially in contemporary ballets. :D She was also a platinum award winning "tapper". This has lended greatly to her ability to memorize combinations and footwork. Now she is totally engulfed with ballet at a residency but these other forms of dance have continued to help her in her quest. No you can't do everything...but when given a great opportunity make sure to expose yourself to as much as possible. For example, in "Center Stage II", the great Ethan Steifel does HIPHOP. Who knows where a varied training experience will lead you? :)

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Yep, it is an awesome workout! And, that is true about the practice memorizing combinations and footwork. I hadn't thought of that!



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My 10 year old DD wanted to take tap. I asked her ballet teacher who assured me that studying other forms of dance is always valid. And incidentally the Atlanta Ballet is doing a world premier ballet featuring the music of Big Boi from Outkast, that is mostly hip hop music.

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I asked her ballet teacher who assured me that studying other forms of dance is always valid.


That makes a lot of sense. I am a little more wary of my DD's acro class (at the old school) though. :thumbsup:

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DD is 12 and in advanced hip-hop with primarily high schoolers, along with jazz. I think versatility is an asset at any age or discipline.


I can also tell you that I have watched these advanced dance classes and all incorporate ballet moves into both the hip-hop and jazz. These forms of dance have also improved her flexibility.


I also believe it is easier to learn at a younger age, like 12, and allow the dancer to appreciate the ability to incorporate different dance techniques into it.

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DD had to stop hiphop temporarily, as it wasn't fitting into her schedule. I'm sure she'll take it again next year if we can work it out. She still does it a bit at home. Luckily, she is able to take jazz and tap in addition to ballet.

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