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Sewing elastics on Pro Archs (or so)


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I just came back from a trip to London and I could not resist going to the Bloch Shop there. Well, as you can imagine, I HAD to buy a pair of shoes there. First I wanted to get some pointe in the hope that in England my pointe would be cheaper than in Switzerland. And yes, they are but not too much and so I decided to get a pair of new flats (because I really needed new ones, pointes I'd just have bought to safe some money).


Anyway, I always had full sole (leather) flats in my 17 years of dancing and now it is time to try something new and I decide to get a pair of split sole flats. The girl in the shop gave me a pair called Pro Arch and they were just great on my feet. There was no left or right confusion (I know there is no left or right but the first couple of classes the shoes just felt wrong usually), they fitted perfect. I tried on another pair which I did not like that much (compared to the others really uncomfortable but like the shoes I always had) so I bought the Pro Archs. I always had the lazy-version of flats (elastic already on the shoe) but now they are only half sewed on and are meant to be criss crossed as the individual liked...well, there it comes: I am helpless, I don't know where I should sew them on. I have already sewed criss cross elastic onto shoes (but all myself). Here, the are attached some sort between the heel and place I usually would sew an elastic on (you know, the folding thing). Where would you attache the other end of the elastic? I thought, the best place would be where those littel net of the split in the sole is coming up but there it is only a little Canvas to sew it on. I'd appreciate any suggestions. I also tried to find this shoe on blochworld to check out, where THEY would attache it but I could not find it.


Maybe I should mention that they (although they fit very well) tend to slip a bit of at the heel. I mean, I don't loose the shoe, it's just that the leather bulks a bit at the heel and I think with sewing the elastic at the right place this problem could be solved.


And now to my second question: Like already said above, my feet *sigh* need the most expensive pair of pointes in the world. Okay, maybe not the most expensive but I'd not buy a pair of street shoes for this price (only handmade full leather winter boots with real fur inside which last for the next ten years but just not for a pair of pointe I have gone through in half a year). I have the Signature Rehearsal and I wonder if I could get those for less than 80 $.


Any suggestions or inputs are most welcome!

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Since this is not a question about Pointe Shoes, I am moving it to the adult students section.

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I would sew the elastic in the middle canvas part, like you described. In general, you want it sewn on in the place that it best pulls up the foot under your arch. A bit of experimenting here is helpful. But I wouldn't worry too much, in my experience ballet slippers seem to work pretty well no matter where you put the elastics.


Discount Dance is listing Bloch Signature shoes in the USA for $42.50, plus S/H: http://www.discountdance.com/frame_set.php...TE&SID=57080176


The dollar is so low these days that just about everything is a lot cheaper in the USA than in Europe. So... if you visit the USA, you can stock up on them. Or, try to get them mail ordered. Just be careful, you might have to pay hefty customs.


Bloch pointe shoes are made in Thailand. So it makes no sense to have them exported to the USA, and then to Europe. Why not just order directly from the source?


You can get in touch with Bloch (and other companies in the dancewear business) in Thailand through:



It might be more appropriate to find a retailer in Thailand, probably somewhere near Bangkok. I couldn't do it directly in Google, due to lack of Thai language skills. But maybe you could get help by mailing to the address listed on the above site.

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As far as where to sew the elastics on your flats- basically, it is up to the individual. You want to sew them so that they are secure on your feet, so your thought about the heels sounds reasonable enough to me :thumbsup:


Now, the only tricky thing is that you have to be sure you don't sew them twisted, so you have to just double check to be sure. Sew them inside the shoes just underneath the drawstring casing, and be sure they are a bit taut- not completely stretched, but a bit, make sense?


Hand sewing is probably the most popular method used, but if you are handy with a sewing machine, have at it!


As far as the pointe shoes, I am wondering if you have any discounters over in/around Europe, like we have Discount Dance catalogue here? The shoes are less expensive, but you do have to pay shipping and that is where they get you, in my opinion.


The only other thing would be to check with your local dancewear retailers to see if they would offer you some kind of discount, if you continue to purchase from them.


Good luck! :(


Edited to add- wow! I didn't see citibob's excellent ideas above as we were posting at the same time!!! Yes, do try that. Good idea!

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You could always safety-pin them on and move around and do some trial and error before sewing to see what position holds your heel the snuggest.

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Thanks a lot for your answers. They are all very helpfull to me. :)


Thank you for the links Citibob. That's a really good idea to get them directly from Thailand. I was in the USA recently but in Alaska's Wilderness and there was no shop to get them :blushing: Because of the low Dollar I'd like to buy the shoes now (you know, compared to Swiss Francs it's about the same and so the prices are less than half at the moment).


I have a Thai Friend and I am sure she will help me.


Again, thank you all very much :thumbsup:

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Here's a link to your pointe shoe on Dance Direct, if it helps:



It's obviously easier to ship within Europe than from the U.S.!


Sigh. I miss Switzerland!!!!!!!!!! (If I were there, I'd end up spending all my money at Sprungli and Globus, and would have no money left for dancewear!!!!!!!!!!)


Dance Direct also has a good sale on now, through the end of the month. I got two very pretty leos. :) (erm, maybe I shouldn't have told you....)

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Thank you ami for the link. That looks interesting. They are cheaper then the ones in the Bloch Shop. :)

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If you find a way to get Bloch shoes shipped directly from Thailand, please share with us.

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Is that difficult (I don't wear Nikes). Maybe I go for the next holiday to Thailand and you all can give me a list with what I should bring you :wacko:


I have not yet found anything but I am still searching. Here I found a site which sells things for a little money (at least for me... the shoes are less than half of what I pay) but they don't ship to Europe (just USA)


http://www.tiptoedancewear.com/shop/item/6....109051953.html (link brings you to the signature shoe)

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Probably hard to get shoes shipped directly from a factory. But finding a retail outlet that will ship might be easier.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some update about me ordering in the internet: First off, yes, you can kick me and call me stupid and spit on me (because I must have been blind or so two weeks ago)

I ordered at Discount Dance (because this is the only shop I found that ships to Switzerland) because the shoes there seemed to be cheap (about half of that what I pay here). So, there was nothing about shipping costs, everywhere it said that they will tell me later. And this did not let my alarm bells ring. I ordered blindly and thought that I would pay what it costs usually in Switzerland to pay for shipping (which is very very expensive), somewhat around 30 $. I mean, pointe are not fragile and the are not heavy and you can put them in a small box.

So I got an e-mail where I had to confirm what I ordered and ha! Again, my alarm did not went off. There was a text with lines that made a gap and had to filled in. Shipping Costs ___ (gap) and I was still in my little dreamland that it would cost 30 $ or so...sent the confirmation away.

Then I was on holiday and was very happy when I came home and found the paket with my new pointe...until I saw HOW MUCH the shipping costs. It was 66 $. My jaw droped right down on the floor and I was really angry because in the end I pay more than I would have payed here. The shipping costs more than the things I bought (45 $). There was no sign that it will costs that much to ship this stuff.


I have learnt my lesson now to ask what it will REALLY cost at the end (and not rely on my own believes how much shipping should cost). I also think that it is not really costumer-friendly to tell the costumer in the very last moment how much shipping costs. It should be written at the beginning where you send your order away on the webpage of the shop (and not in so strange mails that you get a couple of days after they tell you that you have confirmed your order (well, without shipping of course).


I could also kick myself because I got a warning from you guys that the will get you with the shipping costs. You were so right.


I just can leave here for other people living in Switzerland (or Europe) ordering things from such shops: Ask, before you buy until you know what you will PAY IN THE END and let this confirm from the shop. Open your eyes and be cleverer than Claude_Catastrophique (I know why I have that nick *sigh*)


Rant over.


PS: I did not yet found a shop that ships directly from Thailand...after this experience I think that I won't order pointes anymore in the web. I walk over to our shop in Zürich and will get them there (or I fly to London to visit my friend and the Bloch Shop :) )

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Just a practical question as I read this thread: Isn't it easier to go to a shop so that you can try the shoes on and everything? Or am I missing the point? :lol:

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