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These posts are very interesting!


New Jersey Ballet


21 non-ranked Company dancers

-American: 4

-Russian: 7

-Hungarian: 1

-Mongolian: 1

-Kazakhstani: 1

Bulgarian: 1

-Japanese: 2

-Argentinean: 1

-Colombian: 1

-Brazilian: 2


And 6 Apprentices


-American: 5

-Brazilian: 1



Including the apprentices, 33.3% of the company is American. 19% of the main company is American.

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I'd like to throw something into the pot if I may...Are there any other U.S. based companies other than NYCB that were started by non-U.S. born people?


Good question! It made me realize I have no idea about the history of Houston Ballet. So, I looked it up and learned it was founded under the direction of Nina Popova. Ms. Popova was a Russian dancer and actress who was head of New York High School for Performing Arts from 1954-1967 before becoming Houston Ballet's first artistic director until 1975. Here's a couple of websites with info about her:





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Three current BBII dancers have been promoted from within the Boston Ballet School. However, only one has trained there throughout childhood. Others joined the school later.


They are all quite wonderful young dancers.

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I actually believe four of the Boston Ballet II dancers have spent at least a year or more in the school before then spending a year as a trainee. Two additional dancers spent a year as a trainee before joining BBII. That brings the total count of dancers in BBII that were promoted to BBII from a school rank to six. Only three of the current BBII dancers have no year-round school ties. Two out of the six currently with BBII had school ties for four or more years before joining the company. I only bring it up to show some evidence that there is a bridge of some degree from the school to BBII.

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That's good, Alina. And then from BBII to the main company? I realize all of this is topsy turvy right now with BB's recent announcement, but I'm curious how they've done it in the past.

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Of the current 50 members of Boston Ballet's main company 13 came through BBII. Twelve were hired by Mikko Nissinen. One was hired before Mr. Nissinen became AD. Of the current 50 member company 46 were hired by Mr. Nissinen.

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I believe Alina's numbers are correct. My previous post, which perhaps wasn't very clear, was meant to say that of the current BBII members, three have trained for an extended period of time in the Boston Ballet School. Others joined the school later as trainees, having spent their earlier years training elsewhere.

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