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Pro Company Hiring Practices


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Cincinnati Ballet:


Principals: 7; 2 from out of country (29%) 4 of the 7 were hired as soloists/principals (57%)

Soloists: 5; 0 from out of country. All were promoted from the corp.

Corp: 9; 3 from out of country (33%)

Apprentices: 6; 0 from out of country


Total Dancers: 27

19% of the company are from out of country.

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Point of Information!


In Miami, does Cuba have to count as a different country? :wacko:

As long as you count other boaders. Mexico and Canada


I did a quick count Miami has only 4 cuban born, change the stats to 32%, this is included in the 2% error margin.

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For the purpose of these stats, let's keep out of country to mean those who are listed in their bios as being 'from' somewhere other than the US or a US territory.


Atlanta Ballet:


24 dancers (no rank) 5 are from out of country (21%)

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So was I, but it's too bad that there's no professional company in Union City, NJ! Now there you'd see a lot of Cubans! The place used to be "Little Germany" but those families pretty much moved north to North Bergen. But the Germans come out onto Bergenline Ave. on October 10, for Cuban Independence Day, and the Cubans all go to Schutzen Park for the Plattdeutsche Volksfest in the summer!

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Ballet West

Principles 2 US 1 Other

Soloists 4 US

Demi So. 4 US

Artists 21 US

BW2 8 US


Total Dancers (excluding BW2): 31

3% of the company are from out of country


BW reciently got a new AD so I checked to see if the Principle from China was a new hire and possibly an indicator of things to come. Nope, he's been there since 2004.

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:wacko: yes I am very aware of that, spent my last 6 months of High School in West New York, NJ, near Union City, actually, only 6 miles away,from a very my causcian little town. Because my first name is a common in spanish, I was ask if I was American, at the time, I was young, I would laugh and say yes. I felt like I left the country.
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Pacific Northwest Ballet:


Principals: 14; 4 are from out of country (29%). 6 of the 14 were hired as soloist/principals (43%)

Soloists: 6; 0 are from out of country. All were promoted from the corp.

Corp: 24; 3 from out of country (13%)

Apprenctices: 2; 1 from out of country (50%)


Total Dancers: 46

17% of the company from out of country


Milwaukee Ballet:


Leading Artists: 11; 6 from out of country (55%)

Artists: 12; 4 from out of country (33%)

Apprentices: 2: 0 from out of country


Total Dancers: 24

42% of the company are from out of country


Nashville Ballet:


Dancers: 15 (no rank); 1 from out of country (7%)

Apprentices: 6; 0 from out of country


Total Dancers: 24

4% of the company are from out of country

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PA Ballet


Principals: 9 4 out of country 44%(2 hire solist, principals)

Soloist: 3 0% out of country

Corps: 21 4 out of country 19%

Apprentices: 6 0% out of country


39 dancers 20% out of country.

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Ballet Idaho/Eugene Ballet


Principals: 5; 2 from outside US (40%)

Others: 12; 6 from outside US (50%)

Apprentices: 4; 0 from outside US


21 dancers, 38% hired from outside US.


Oregon Ballet Theatre


Principals: 8; 2 from outside US. (25%)

Soloists: 5; 2 from outside US. (40%)

Corps: 15; many bios missing from website, not sure how many are from outside US

Apprentices: 5, no bios.

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From across the pond, here's The Royal Ballet. I apologize, but I don't do math, so I haven't figured the percentages.


Royal Ballet



19 in total, 18 of these are not British, including 2 Americans. Four of the non-British did train at the Royal ballet School


Principal Character Artists

7 total, 1 not British, but did train at RBS


First Soloist

11 in total, 6 not British, 1 from USA. Three of these did train at RBS, including one lady from Northern Ireland



18 in total, 9 not British, 2 USA. 3 of the others did train at RBS


First Artist

24 in total, 11 not British. (I count as British one woman who was born in the States but was raised in London and did her training in England.) One of the non British is American, and one trained at the RBS.



19, 5 not British, but three of those trained and graduated from RBS. The only ones who didn't are one lady from Brazil who trained at the Vaganova Institute and a man who trained and worked in Columbia before joining the RB.


Very interesting!

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Pardon me...Swanhilda, what level is compensated for their dancing at RB? Are artists compensated monetarily? Does RB utilize apprentices?

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