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Breathing Correctly and Working your Core


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I hear a lot from my teachers that I need to hold my core together more en pointe, and I am haveing a very difficult time doing it. My teachers say that I have the strength, but I'm just not holding my center correctly. They also say that I have to learn how to breathe while holding together my center. I used to think that holding my center was basically holding my breath in my lungs and squeezing my abs. The only problem with that is that I can't breathe. I have never really learned how to breathe while holding my ribs in, my stomach as well, and my core. Help? :(

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Hello dancazrok, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :(


Using your abs correctly should not inhibit breathing correctly. The muscles are separate. And, you should never hold your breath! Learning to breathe correctly is important, however, I really don't think I can teach it in this format. See if your teacher can show you how to breathe from the diaphragm. The ribs should be relaxed, not squeezed in and certainly not sticking out. It sounds to me like you are not quite understanding correct alignment. Is that possible? If your teachers say that you are not holding your center correctly, then it is their job to show you how to do that. If they do not, or cannot, it's time to find another school! :thumbsup:

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