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What is the name of this step?


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It is like a sissonne, or perhaps it IS a form of sissonne ouverte, it's where we begin, for example, in 5th w/right foot front, spring up into the air, send the right foot back, and land in plié on the left foot with the right foot in arabesque. So, it's like a sissonne ouverte en avant, but taking the front foot back instead of the back foot.

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It is a sissonne, Pirou, but it's a sissonne changé. Actually, what you describe is a sissonne croisé changé en avant. :(

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Thank you. In the 4 pages (!) of sissonne descriptions in Gail Grant, I still could not figure it out!


Here's a subsequent question: why, if the leg opens to the back, do we call the sissonne "en avant"? It seems the leg movement to the back is more prominent and distinguishing than the hop to the front...?

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Because the step is moving forward. The leg is derrière, but the movement is traveling forward. If it were traveling backward it would be en arrière. :(

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This is actually one of those things I had to keep allocating a lot of "brain power" to in class - sissones! The directions!


Some how when something is done "en avant" my legs want to go up to the front automatically -- doesn't look so good when the entire class has their leg up at the back when it's a sissone!




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Yes, the directions really drive me crazy. Especially when I try to also include the arms, which I am also always getting backwards. Also, there does not seem to be a good reference in which to look up the arms!

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Remember, ballet French is eighteenth-century French, not always completely compatible with modern French!

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