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Black or White tutu?


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Hi everyone...

For my Spring Performance, I'm doing the Jumping Girl variation from Paquita. My teacher has given me the option of a black or white tutu, but I'm not sure which one to get. I'd prefer to get black, but my teacher says that it might not show up well against the dark background. Does anyone have any tips? Or ideas of how to make a black tutu stand out against a dark background? Thanks =]


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A white tutu is more practical, as it can be decorated in different ways for different roles. A black tutu is more limiting, and not suitable for as many things.

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Thank you, Ms. Leigh.

I agree that white tutus are more practical. However, I've also heard that black is more slimming than white. Is this true, or is that just a false rumor? Thanks =]


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Well, if it was a unitard, it might make a difference, but I don't think so in a tutu. I have never seen Paquita done in black. Red, yes, and white yes, but black?

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