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I don't know if this is a acceptable complaint but, I'm really not happy where i dance. I feel that even know I've recently improved that my teachers are not seeing me for who I am now but are seeing me in the past. I've worked very hard pushing myself to do my very best. But, now i feel that i have reached an end to my training there and I wish to continue some where else. The only problem is there is nowhere else where i live to dance and receive the training I'm already getting. I've tried to ask my parents if they would let me go to boarding school, but they don't feel that i can handle it yet. So, my question is should I stay where i am or should i go somewhere else?


P.S, my parents really want me to go somewhere else, because the girls aren't very nice to me and i come home upset almost every night because something has gone wrong. :(

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Xandra, I'm not sure I understand your options. You said there is no where else where you live to get the training you get now. So, if you are sure of that, then there seems to me to be no option, unless your parents are willing to drive to another city. :(

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Sad, but sometimes true, Xandra. :) But, the first priority needs to be the best training you can get, and that is very important if you are hoping to be accepted for a residency program in the future.

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