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Another - what is the name of this?


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After almost one year of study, I am finally starting to be able to do our frappé combinations a little bit. One thing in particular I have trouble is this:


after the regular frappés, we do this thing where we come up on relevé, prepare a double as if for the side, and then when we go plié down and point the working foot, we either (a) angle our body toward the bar, with our arm in arabesque and the working foot in tendu to the back, or (:( angle our body away from the bar, with our arm in a kind of second and the working foot tendu to the front (at that angle away from the bar and a slight bend forward.)


What are the names of these two positions/movements, and how do I know which one is coming up from what we've just done? Now that I am finally almost fast enough to get to them, I always seem to be going front when the rest of the class is going back and vice versa.

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Pirou, this would be a double frappé to tendu effacé devant and effacé derrière (sometimes called épaulé). When the double beat is coming from the back to front, the direction would be tendu devant, and vice versa. :)

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I know the excercise you are talking about.... it's alright when you are doing a set syllabus and can memorise, but then in open class when these pop up it nearly does my head in.

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