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.. which reminded me of an article in the current Guardian Weekly (a UK-based rag read by us lot in the colonies to keep up with the news from back home). I reproduce it in full (without the picture):


"Late flowering ballet dancer


But not all wrinklies are villains [reference to previous article, Ed]. A retired teacher, John Lowe of Cambridgeshire, has starred in his first ballet performance, taking the role of the stone carver in Prokofiev's The Stone Flower. He is 88.


Lowe, who has 11 grandchildren, took up dancing nine years ago. He has installed a practice bar [sic] and a trapeze [???] in his home. 'I can't understand why more men don't do it,' he said. 'There's nothing effeminate about it. You have to be incredibly fit to dance.'"


There you go!!!!



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Well, chances are against his being cast as Danila, but he'd make a natural for the Master Stonecutter. At least he'll have the maturity and sophistication to be able to use Prokofiev's music.

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