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Guest Chrysocolla

This year is the second year that I have been in the second highest level in my ballet school. However, pretty much everyone who was in my level last year just got moved up. My teacher suggested that I take one of the higher level classes earlier in the year, but then she decided that since I'm in the company (which is made up of people from the top two levels) I get enough time with more advanced dancers already (though I don't agree...). Recently, she said something that made it sound like I was held back because I wasn't confident enough in class, not because of my technique. But I've gotten really confident lately, especially since the classes I take are quite simple for me by now, and I really really really want to take classes at the higher level, and I feel like I'm not going to improve very much at my current level. Would it be appropriate for me to ask my teacher if I can switch to a higher level class? If so, how do I ask without sounding rude?


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I think you just need to have a talk with your teacher. Ask her if you are now ready to move to the next level, and, if not, why not. Unless you ask, you will never know.

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Guest Chrysocolla

Okay, I'll try that. So should I ask what I need to improve to move up? Or if I can just add a class in the next level, as opposed to completely switching? Sorry about all the questions! I'm just really worried that she'll say no and then I'll be stuck in the same level foreeeeever :wub:

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