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Joffrey Light?


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Joffrey South is introducing "Joffrey Light" this year. It is a three day workshop for ages 9-11. I am really interested in this. My soon to be 11 year old DD is not really ready for an extended stay SI. This is just a long weekend and she won't have time for homesickness or need to do laundry or anything like that.

Is there any benefit to come to her dancing from a three day workshop? Can she really learn anything in those three days?

I didn't know if I should post in this thread or in the SI thread.

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Why not??? :) It sounds like fun!!

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Hi Trythis,


I agree, it sounds fun! But also I think yes, they can learn things from short workshops such as this. While it is unlikely you will see huge changes in their technique, they will benefit from the experience of having classes with new teachers for a few days, and will undoubtedly learn something from them. It will definitely be a learning experience. Send your DD if she is interested and you are able to!

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It is only $285, and I think that as far as giving her a chance to test the waters it really can't be a bad thing. I would think anything with Joffrey in the name would be a great experience.

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My DD has done several of these types of workshops and she loves them.


I think the way this is set up is a wonderful opportunity for DD as well. If she enjoys this year- she may be ready to go longer next year. Then you can combine it with Joffrey South and have a short SI of 9 days.

Sounds like a great transitional program to me. (talk about a win win!)



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