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nose piercing for auditions?


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Impossible to tell. I only know that I wouldn't like it, and if you only had it done recently and can't remove the stud, then you have a lousy sense of timing, knowing what was coming up.

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OK, wait 'til after! Some time when you'll have 30 days to let the hole heal so that it won't close back up.

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Knock Knock -


From personal experience...


My pierced nose to about 6 months to heal! It was quite a while before I could change the stud easily and without pain. You can get little transparent studs that you can put in for auditions and performances. They don't show at all! If you're keen on having a piercing, this is a nifty way to deal with a facial one.


However, my DD's experience was this (she's 16): she got her nose pierced a couple of years ago and enjoyed it for about a year. She soon felt, though, that it didn't fit the "ballet mold" and took it out. She didn't want to worry about what auditioners/casting directors thought... She's much more comfortable without it (but I still love mine!) :wub:

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My ballet teacher doesn't like when her students have multiple piercings on their ears and so on for erformances. She only makes us wear the small diamond studs to look pretty on stage. For shows, when students cannot take them out, she said to put a tiny piece of clear fishing wire in it. I know it sounds gross but it also keeps the hole open and is invisible. I had never heard of the transparent one, though. I'll have to tell them; it sounds a lot easier. :P

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