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Name of this song?

{Polina Fan}

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I really like this music and would like to purchase it on iTunes, but don't know the name of the song. I look up "La Esmeralda" and only get "La Esmeralda Diane Actone" or something along those lines.


Could anyone please find this song on iTunes then give me the name of it?


Thanks :)


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La Esmeralda/Diana and Acteon should be the music you are looking for.

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That may be because the recording available to iTunes has substituted another variation for the female variation in the "Diana and Acteon" pas de deux. As I noted on the other post, Russian practice was to mix-and-match variations to fit the ballet master's or ballerina's preference. Those old scores must have been like loose-leaf binders, the way they used to switch music around.

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