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Help with My Canvas Slippers and their fit.... PLEASE!


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Hey guys, I honestly would like some advice. I'm wondering if I need a different canvas slipper.

As you can see in the photo, my foot goes off the sole of the shoe a lot - or is it a lot?? - I have no idea if that's normal, really.


It's only been since I've stepped up my classes a level that I've noticed I am starting to wobble a bit on releve. Could it be the sole isn't large enough?

I wear Leo's Airabesque and I love the fit - but I just feel stupid that I can't figure it out if it's the shoes or not.

I asked one of my teachers and she said maybe I needed a larger size...

So I did. Still the same.



I was looking at the Grishko Performance Slippers - they look a bit larger in the sole...

Please help. I appreciate it.


Here are some pics:





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I think they fit you fine. All shoes dirty asymmetrically like that, especially if you pronate like I do. If I have some time, I'll dig out mine for a photo session. Depending on your foot shape, alternating left and right feet will help a lot with wear in that department. I do see the vamp looks a little bit off center but honestly, that just seems to be how ballet flats fit. If that bothers you, you could try on different brands (perhaps a U vamp instead of V) and see how they look but there's no guarentee. I wonder too if this shifting isn't due to normal breaking in of the shoes. Maybe the vamp used to be centered until you stretched them out.


P.S. Cute cat. ;)

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Those cats would not leave me to take pics!


I don't mind them getting dirty. Recently, though, I've noticed it almost feels like the sole patches are hard under the ball of my foot and I can't feel the floor or something. Sometimes I get a shock of pain through the nerve, too - right there under the second two toes. I wondered if it could be the shoes. I dance 3, sometimes 4, times a week. You'd think that wouldn't start happening after almost a year, right?


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Guest pink tights

OK. The sesamoids!! Sometimes they become irritated from overuse, causing pain. Do a search over in the Nutrition/heath forum for more info. You can buy some dancers pads from a podiatrist or online, that you wear in street shoes to take the pressure off.

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In addition to pink tights' thoughtful insight, the Grishko's I've seen have a rather unusually shaped sole patch. It's possible it hits your foot in just the wrong place.


Oh, and there's no reason pain might take a year to start up. Chronic use injuries and pains typically take a while.

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I'll research those pads. The shoes I am in now are Leos - I thought maybe the Grishko's or another brand may be better?

Thanks a ton, guys, for all this info. I welcome more!

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Yes, you did say that didn't you. One of these days I promise I will learn to read. Are the Leo's the ones with the funky padding/foam? My shoes are so ancient I no longer know what brand they are.

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The insides are fine - no weird padding, etc - it just seems to me the harder my dancing becomes, the more I feel like that sole patch is hard -- like there is nothing INSIDE that feels bunched up-- it's just like when you step on something and it's stuck on the bottom of your shoe - you know that feeling??

I sound insane, I bet. :wacko:

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No, I think your post is relevant to my question.

I might try another brand if someone has suggestions. I think my feet are a bit wider right where my toes starts and then taper both ways. Haha.

Anyone know much about the Grishko Performance or any other brands?

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My also highly unmedical opinion is "pain is bad." If they hurt, there's a reason. Flats aren't dreadfully expensive. You may wish to post in the medical forum as well.




Because it looked like fun, I took some pictures of my shoes to show you the asymetry on my feet. It should be fairly easy to tell them apart. You can also see my "collection."

top row: old jazz shoes (high school), old leather bloch full soles before I learned to rotate feet complete with patch

bottom row: "new" mystery canvase split soles and "new" bloch full soles after I learned to rotate (my "new" shoes are at least 7 years old!)


They all show that big dirty spot from the outside of the foot only it's on both sides after I started switching feet. For fun I put on the shoes in the bottom row. The Bloch shoes look positively dreadful on my feet! Who wears these? Why did I ever wear those? Oh yeah, the elastic was pre-sewn. I hate sewing (as evidenced by exceptionally poor sewing job on the canvase criss-cross).


Edit: As for brands, your best bet is going to be to find a good, local dancewear store and try them on there. That purchase may be more expensive than online, but you're getting what you pay for in my opinion. From what pink tights is saying, it sounds like a highly personal, individual, anatomical issue.

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They seem to fit you just fine. I see one thing that could be giving you trouble, but it's hard for me to tell from the photo. When in demi pointe (releve) I seem to see the knuckle of your second toe pressing upward (especially so on your right foot)...I checked myself on demi-pointe and my toes are all very flat across the top with a 90 degree angle (or less) from the tops of my toes to my instep. Are you sure your toes are fully relaxed and that you are not curling them or gripping in your toes? I tried, on demi-pointe, to 'grip' with my toes and the knuckle on my second toe popped up and it was very difficult for me to balance....

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I noticed that in the pics, too. I am NOT gripping or knuckling. I have bony toes and the shoes are snug and show that, I think. Maybe another reason to try new shoes??

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Yes, your toes should lie flat inside your shoes, but there should be no extra fabric. There are also conditions that cause bent toes. Once again, a subject for the medical boards.

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