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Slightly strange post.


Once you are down in the splits...

Should you wait until you cannot feel a stretch [body upright] BEFORE leaning forward or bending back..?

Or should you lean forward, getting that stretch, so that the upright position then becomes easier??


It is baisicly a question of, with flexibility, should you go 'beyond' to make the actual positions easier. Or wait until the positions are sorted before going further.


Which method is better..?





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Just set down there and read a book. War and Peace is good. Moby-Dick is also useful for this purpose. Where you lean depends entirely upon how you feel at the moment. Hamstrings on the front leg a bit stingy in the give department? Lean over the front leg, gradually, then back upright to keep from overstretching the muscles and other soft structures. Back leg hip not feeling fully stretched? Lean back, same method. In all cases, take your time (that's what the book is for), and be sure to make sure that your placement when upright is as near the standing shoulders-over-the-hips as possible. And don't forget to do the stretches to the other side.

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There is some dispute about this in the stretching department, but I think that for most people they are dangerous. And for everybody, they are useless unless you're doing a circus act.

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