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Music: Seven Beauties?

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I have acquired a CD of the music for The Seven Beauties from classicalballetmusic.com. How is the music supposed to work with the story? There seems to be a lot of exposition music and where is the msuic for the Roman/Yellow/2nd Day variation?

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"Seven Beauties" is a ballet from 1952 with music by Azerbaijani composer Gara Garayev, with choreography by Piotr Gusev. It's not been seen in the west to the best of my knowledge. As a ballet from the late-Stalin era, you can bet that all the music is made to fit together by the "motor theory", in which there are very few starts and stops. Stalin liked new ballets to have continuous music as if in a movie. This Seven Beauties ought not to be confused with the Lina Wertmuller 1975 film of the same name.

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