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Lacking Confidence


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I'm quite a shy person and so I have problems with presentation but recently I've been having extra classes/ masterclasses with a professional choreographer from the Kirov Ballet in Russia and I've learned to present much better. The only problem is my regular teacher, who's known me quite a while, still seems to only see me as the shy girl. Do you have any tips on how to appear confident and present ? Much appreciated :(

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If you have learned to do that with one teacher, then you can do it with any teacher, choreographer, or even director! Take the confidence you have learned from the new teacher and use it! Believe it, and never be afraid to show that you love to dance! :(

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Thanks so much, I'm moving to a deifferent ballet school with more frequent classes and a nicer teacher and I'm going to make a fresh start, no more Miss Shy Girl :green: I'm going to present and be proud :thumbsup:

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Thank you all for your advice - it was very helpful


Miss/Mrs/Ms (sorry, I' not sure which) Leigh: I will definitely try to apply my new presentation with my regular teacher


tutu gurl: Thanks, I will definitely try that :D


Green Jelly Bean: I will try, yesterday I watched myself in a video and I could actually see that I was dancing to myself, almost inwards :party: I definitely don't want to dance like that anymore :angry:


Thank you all so much :wub: I am going to move and turnover a fresh leaf and say GOODBYE to shyness :shrug:


BreatheBallet :wub:

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