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I am having a terrible time right now. First of all, my mom is complaining she doesn't want to drive me to any auditions, but I have to go, I love summer programs. Secondly, my studio cast spring show and my parts are not good. I am in one same part I had 2 years ago, and one I had 3 years ago, and all my parts last year were better. Other people who are not as skilled have better parts. Anyway, I'm so confused because my teacher just told me my dancing and body and everything were really strong and good the other day. Now I got bad parts. All I care about is ballet, and I devoted everything to it and I work really hard. Now I just feel like everyone else wants me to quit. Any thoughts?

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The only way to know for sure is to talk to your teacher. It could be that she feels that you have had a lot of good parts, and it's time to try and showcase some other students this year, maybe in order to encourage them to work harder. You never know, though, unless you ask. :D It is also possible that you were so good in those parts that she feels that no one else can do them! :D

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I know how you feel, but at least your teacher compliments you !

My teacher either ignores me or critisizes me . She's kept me on the same grade for years. But I know it's not because I'm a bad dancer (at my other dance school I'm a favourite :yawn: ) but because she just doesn't like me. I've tried everything but the way she treats me is destroying my confidence . . which makes me dance badly and so she likes me even less - it's a vicious circle. She told my mum the reason she won't let me move into a higher grade or anything is because I "don't have a classical ballet shape". It's completely unfair because I'm only 13 and still growing - I'm NOT overweight and I'm NOT insanely tall.


Anyway . . . I've finished my rant :devil: And I'm going to move to a different dance school


The only advice I can give you (Are you allowed to give advice?) is to not let it get you down . . . and in fact - work harder to show your teacher that you're dedicated and that she should cast you as the MAIN role next time !


Sorry if I rambled on a lot :sleeping:


:devil: DancingIsMyLife

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Nope, advice is a no no here. Your experiences are okay, but advice is for the teacher/moderators. :devil:

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The only way to know for sure is to talk to your teacher.

Is it okay to discuss with your teacher why you didn't get roles? My studio's board's president told us not to bother our teacher about that, and to stop complaining. I feel like I am working extremely hard, but am not getting the parts I deserve. I don't understand why, and I want to find out so that I can work on fixing whatever is wrong, but I don't want my teacher to feel like I am complaining. Should I talk to her about it?

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I think it is absolutely okay to talk with your teacher about it. The key is to do it in a non-complaining fashion. Ask her what you need to work on and what they are looking for in the roles that you feel you might be right for but are not getting. Let her know that you are willing to work very hard to achieve what it is they expect, and ask what you can do and how to do it. That will let her know how serious you are, and, hopefully, she will work with you to help you achieve whatever it is they feel that you have not achieved yet.

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Just so you know, a LOT of of famous inventors and dancers and musicians were discouraged by many people in their life time. All I know is that (if you look at some of my other encouraging posts :lol: ) if you work hard, you have a very possible chance at becoming a pro and proving everybody wrong! Hehe, then you could go back to your teacher and brag at how successful you are!!! Good luck and I hope you prove everybody wrong! :yes:

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