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I searched here for "Greece" and "Athens" with no results so I started this thread. I'll be in Greece for six weeks this spring (long story, but good) - probably centered in Attica but some island hopping, Peloponnese, Crete. A few classes would sure help when I get back!


Of course, if anyone knows a traditional Greek dancing school that would take a tourist beginner that would be really fun as well!

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well, though I lived in Athens as a teenager, the schools I attended do not seem to exist anymore. :blink:


So, I asked a former student who has connections there, and she came up with this list. (scroll down)


The telephone numbers are without the Greece prefix, so you would need to look that up. Probably the best thing would be to phone up when you are nearby; in my experience most people do speak at least some English - but if you speak Greek that would be even better. :D

I have no idea as to the levels taught, etc., but perhaps these addresses can at least serve as a starting-point. :D





State school ?

Paulina Veremi

tel. 210-36.12.263

Omiru 55, 106 72 – Athens,




Despina Grigorakidu

tel: 210-38.01.035,

- 38.13.825

Arachovis 38, Athens



Niki Kodaxaki-Bakali

tel: 210-29.32.894, fax: 210-29.21.744

Ialemu 24, Athens



Sonias Morkianova – Lili Trasra

tel: 210-80.79.184

Tatoiu 64 & Sarandaporu 2,

Kifissia, Greece (near Athens)



Anna Petrova

tel: 210-22.34.921

Promitheos 19-21

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