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Is Career Guidance lacking in Pre-pro education?

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During college searches, there is a process of putting in the student's field of interests, grades, SATs and boards, desired degree etc...to help "refine the search" for the prospective student.


In dance it would be great if the same type of "refining search" with "probable good matches" could be developed based on genres and disciplines of study, yrs, SI's, teachers, Vaganova, American/Balanchine/ BAD, etc etc...desired region/state/city with results that would give ALL company names, physical requirements, training requirements, recommendation requirements, scholarships to trainee/apprentice programs, (develop more via high schools) details of apprentice programs,etc...beyond the audition lists avail now in dance magazines and in postings. It's very difficult right now to SEE the data comparisons for our DK's in one sitting. It would put both dance companies and dancers onto an even playing field for information purposes.

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Ok, before we venture off too far. Let's remember what this thread is about and where the conversation needs to stay.


The problem with original thread is should Pre Pros be held accountable for Grads ability to get job? The concensus has been no, because they cannot be held accountable, nor any other training institution, or educational systems. Can we expect more, research the best school, advocate, not fund certain institutions, let our concerns be made, yes. I believe we are doing that right now. We are now expressing what we see lacking in terms of gainful employment. There are many reasons why a graduate does not receive employment. Should one be lack of guidance? I do not think the original intent was clearly put in the right question.

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The above posts have been moved here as a jumping off point for a new thread. In addition, these older threads are also places where the topic has come up before that are good reading if you've not seen them. I've only provided links for a couple.


Supply/demand thread


Guidance lacking?


Please post away.

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Thanks Momof3darlings for the attached treads the one Guidance lacking was especially helpful. It does appear to be old theme, I wonder if much has change since then.

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Fantanstic "guidance" link, Momof3darlings! Talk about a slow process of change! Problem is, every four years at the pre-professional residency/academic schools, there are new waves of students and parents. It takes over a year to give a program the benefit of the doubt..then communications may start with questions, that are "worked on"...then it's maybe new staffing at the school, and by the end of the junior or senior year the students and parents are just ready to get on with the graduation and move forward without looking back. Four years of consistent , commited and involved "faces" are very hard to find, but are needed to influence improvements anywhere!

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You're welcome! Those were wonderful threads with a wealth of information. You're right kikiswede, just about the time a parent figures out that they may not be getting the information they need it is time for them to move on. The new crop of dancers doesn't know yet that they need this information so it's a cycle.


To the schools/teachers who do provide this type of counseling like the school DD came through, hats off to you!!!! To the parents who are at the beginning stages, reading some of the older threads here will help you know what questions to ask before it's time to ask them. If we as a board accomplish that one thing (getting you the info to ask about before it's too late) , then we've done our job well.

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