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How long should it take?

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Hi! Sorry, once again, for posting too much!


I recently auditioned for VSA and NCSA by video. They both said that they would get back to me right away, and some friends of mine who auditioned by video received their email about three days later. I FedEx-ed my tape on Sunday, and it was overnight mail.


Does anyone have an idea of how long it should take to receive the email? :P



Thank you so much! :blushing:


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You're not posting too much, Dana, but on YD 13-16, we really can't help you with this question. It's for Ms. Leigh, Mrs. Schneider and I to answer technical or other issues about dancing in a classroom or onstage. I'll just move this to Summer Intensives General, so that the moderators there may direct you further. I have no idea how long it takes those schools to process applications.

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I haven't any specific knowledge of these specific schools, but I have worked in administration of similar ones. In my experience, your tape will get there on Monday, sit on the registrar's desk until Tuesday, be looked at by a member of the artistic staff on Wednesday or Thursday, he or she will talk to the registrar on Friday, who will call you on the following Monday. Of course, all of this assumes that no one is out sick or any other wrenches get thrown in the gears. I know, for you it seems like life and death, but remember, for them, it is only their job. They take their job seriously, trust me, but it is still a job.


Don't even think about worrying until 8 days after you have sent the video. If you have heard nothing at that point, it would be OK for you to call them and ask "if you have recieved my video" and let them know that you are "looking forward to hearing from them". Don't worry, don't panic, it will all work out for the best.

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oh, and just for an update.

i received a call from the dean of dance from virginia and they want me to tour the campus!


i'm excited




dana d.

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Just happened across this now- sounds exciting! keep us posted on how it goes. B)

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